This Bullet Train is Going to Say Sorry To Passengers..Here’s Why!

The National High-Speed Rail Corporation (NHSRCL) has planned to introduce a new feature in the 508-km bullet train running between Ahmedabad’s Sabarmati and Mumbai’s Bandra Kurla Complex. The bullet train service plans to say “sorry” every time the train gets delayed, even by a couple of minutes.

NHSRCL Managing Director Achal Khare said, “We will
apologise to our clients. We will also issue a public apology in the train, at stations, if we are delayed. This is the Shinkansen culture we aim to imbibe, wherein delay by even a minute or so is considered a delay. We will also explain the reasons for the delay to our passengers.”

He further added, “It has also been decided that every ticket holder will be allowed access on to the platform only before a certain time of the train’s departure. The access control features will have barcoded tickets that do not allow entry onto the platform before the cut-off time. If people want to wait, we would prefer they wait at our commercial circulating areas.”