Mumbai To Delhi In 15 Minutes – Fastest Plane Ever

With time, we have always dreamt of getting faster and faster. From years to months, from months to weeks, from weeks to days, from days to hours and now from hours to minutes; travelling is getting faster and quicker than ever.

An “ultra-rapid air vehicle & aerial locomotion” has taken the world by storm. With this technology, one can travel from Mumbai to New Delhi in just 15 minutes. Concord 2.0 is said to travel 4 and a half times quicker than the speed of sound.84695930_airbus_hypersonic_jet_624


  1. The aircraft would take off vertically like a space shuttle.
  2. The passengers in the plane can relax and lie down in a hammock.
  3. The airplane would use a variety of engines located in different parts of the plane for varying needs; fueled by stored hydrogen.
  4. Two turbojets under the fuselage and a rocket motor in the rear would be used during take-off.
  5. It is said to climb the altitude of more than 10,000 feet with the help of superfast turbojets.
  6. The ramjets, that are usually used in rockets will then work and push it to a speed of Mach 4.5.

According to the manufacturers, it will take 30-40 years to optimize such technology. Airbus right now is working on two hypersonic projects, one with Japanese partners, and another with Russian and Australian involvement, with the aim of conquering speeds up to Mach 6.

Source: BBC & PatentYogi.

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