Train 18: You cannot ‘opt out’ of meals on board

Unlike in premium trains such as Rajdhani and Shatabdi, meals on board will not be optional for passengers travelling in soon-to-be-launched Vande Bharat Express or Train 18.

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However, passengers booking their tickets in advance for the last leg on the route (Allahabad to Varanasi) of Vande Bharat Express or Train 18 will have the choice of opting out of meals provided by IRCTC. The catering charges would not be included in the ticket prices.

So what happens if a passenger who have opted out in advance wants a meal during the journey?

The passenger will have to shell out an extra Rs.50 for food.

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Also, for others, the prices of the meals will be part of the ticket fare of the train which will run for the first time between Varanasi and Delhi on February 15.

Here are the prices of the meal with their routes:

From New Delhi to Varanasi, the executive class will be charged Rs.399 for morning tea, breakfast and lunch, while travellers in the chair car will have to pay Rs.344 for the same.

From New Delhi to Kanpur and Prayagraj, passengers will be charged Rs.155 and Rs.122 for executive class and chair car, respectively.

From Varanasi to New Delhi, the passengers have to pay Rs.349 and Rs.288 in the executive class and chair, respectively.

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