Travel Horoscope – Featuring Aries

Back to some travel inspiration from Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs for our travel horoscope feature. This time, it’s one of the supposedly easygoing sun signs, Aries. Unlike Sagittarius or the Leos who run around to strike off every attraction of a place from their itinerary, or the Pisceans who often enjoy a relaxed holiday, Aries swear by luxury, comfort and any place that’s visually fascinating! 


Thus, I picked three destinations that are a dream come true for Aries. A fascinating mix of colours, nature, comfort, luxury and more. Let’s start from somewhere closer home,


say Kumarakom!

Photo Courtesy – Augustus Binu

Villages, a cluster of islands or Kerala’s most beautiful – Kumarakom has these and many other fascinating names to its credit. And rightly so. A cluster of villages, Kumarakom is like specks on the very gorgeous Vembanad Lake. One of the most loved backwater destinations in the whole of Kerala, Kumarakom is loved for its natural beauty as well the plush resorts that dot it.


Photo Courtesy – JJ Harrison

Days, or maybe weeks, of unadulterated luxury and bliss would be your company here. Unless you don a pair of binoculars and go for some bird watching at the bird sanctuary. A perfect getaway for a quiet birthday celebration.


Read here to know the best of Kumarakom, deals, food, attraction and more. 


Cinque Terre, Italy

Photo Courtesy – Lee Coursey

Ahh.. yes. Cinque Terre is sheer fascination for the Aries, with most of them in ardent love for any place that is visually fascinating. One of the most colourful cities on planet Earth, it rightly found its place in many animation movies for it required little or no touch ups! A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cinque Terre offers an interesting getaway for anyone in love with colours and varied experiences.


Photo Courtesy – Ennio morricone

Choose from Coastal Walks, Village Tours, some of the most delicious sea food at Dau Cila, and one of the most engaging snorkeling experiences. If that sounds like too much of action for the birthday people, watching a sunset from the many cafes that dot the skyline at Cinque Terre is a lifetime’s experience. 


Zurich, Switzerland

Photo Courtesy – tam bako the jaguar

This skyline needs no words of introduction, right! Hailed to be the one place where you have the possibility of running into Angelina Jolie or the other A-listers, Zurich is your most lavish dream turned true! Alps are the perfect horizon to this fairy tale destination, ably aided by some of the most luxurious hotels, exotic(est) of cuisine (fondue being just the tip of this food iceberg) and the most gorgeous of landscapes.


Photo Courtesy – John Tannor

Nature walks, hikes, cruise tours are just some of the biggies of all the things to do at Zurich.
Write to us if you think there’s a place that should be in the Aries checklist or share the story of your birthday getaway here. Till then, I’ll be off to scour more such places for the next in line, the ever restless Gemini!


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