Travel Talk with Parineeti Chopra


Actor Parineeti Chopra, Bollywood actress, went to Goa with a bunch of interesting friends and came back completely rejuvenated.


Parineeti Chopra (Photo by


She says “A holiday for me means something that is different. For example, my daily routine during a holiday should be different from my normal day-today routine. It could mean sleeping longer… … going for a swim or just pampering myself.”


Q: Where did you go on your latest trip?


Parineeti: I went to Goa few months back.


Q: Who accompanied you on this trip?


Parineeti: I went there with couple of my friends and we enjoyed this trip to the hilt.


Q: Where did you Stay?


Parineeti: We stayed at Taj Holiday Village. Its tranquil and joyful ambiance was truly a treat.


Taj Villas (Photo by Zerohund)


Q: Did you meet any interesting people?


Parineeti:  I was with an interesting group of friends so never felt the need to look out for other interesting people.


Q: Can you suggest some Shopping destinations in Goa?


Parineeti: Let me admit to you honestly that I’m a bad shopper. I generally pick up everything I like and therefore my wardrobe is full of clothes and accessories. From Goa I did pick up a couple of artifacts.


Q: Do you have any Sightseeing recommendations?


ParineetiGoa is a fabulous place but one needs to have ample time to relish the it. I really recommend Anjuna beach. Though it is one of the most popular beaches in Goa, I somehow feel it is still an underrated beach. This part of Goa was largely patronized by the hippies, and is the favorite haunt of holidaymakers and backpackers.

Photo by Fredericknoronha


Q: Can you give our readers some travel tips?


Parineeti: Always travel light and carry all the necessary medications because if you unfortunately happen to fall ill, you will end up completely spoiling your entire vacation.


Q: What have you learnt?


Parineeti: One should book air tickets as early as possible so as to get good bargains.


Q: I’d love to visit?


Parineeti: I would love to see Ladakh. I feel it’s a wonderful place and I have never been there. Kerala is also on my bucket list – I have heard it is truly divine.