Who is the most well travelled leader?

Our leaders are always on the go! Whether it’s for political reasons or administrative duties or the campaigning rallies, the whirring of a helicopter’s blade or the rumble of an airplane is always in the background score for them. We dug deep into who has travelled the most and the results were as follows:


1. Rahul Gandhi


When your  home town is in New Delhi and the constituency in Amethi, lots of travel is surely on the cards! Aside from his election campaign hustle, we’ve known RaGa to take about 3 short and sweet trips a month on an average. He usually prefers to travel to places during their ‘season’ time but doesn’t like to stay at a place for too long. Broadly speaking, he has travelled to about 50 places for his official work or otherwise in the past year or so.


2. Arvind Kejriwal


Kejri’s romance with travel has just started it seems. Though he is well travelled in Delhi and NCR and lives truly like a local when it comes to these cities, he seems very new to the idea of travelling to explore. In the recent times, his campaigning has taken him to about 15 places, but considering the pace he should be hustling at to guarantee a win at the upcoming election – this number is a little too low. While we’re all for living like locals, Dear Mr Kejriwal, we sincerely think you should travel more.


3. Narendra Modi


Drum rolls! Presenting to you traveller extraordinaire, Narendra Modi. With over 300 rallies that he conducted over the past one year, NaMo is undoubtedly the most well travelled leader of this lot of three. Aside from all the desi travelling, he is also known to visit close to 20 other nations for his official work! That is a hard number to beat, even for those who are travelling full time!


So this was the summary of who is our most well travelled politician! If you’re curious on what Politicians pack in their bag, do check out our guess!