A quick chat with Aditi Mangaldas

Aditi Mangaldas, is a renowned Kathak dancer and choreographer. We recently caught up with her at a function and got some of our rapid fire questions answered. Take a look:



Last Holiday


I last holidayed in the idyllic town of Potsdam, near Berlin. With sprawling lawns, old oak trees and a house that was essentially a gallery, I was surrounded by bird song, paintings and sculptures. My mind and body became empty and yet expanded.



Excellent Meal


Two star Michelin chef Alexandro Pape specially prepared a vegetarian meal for us. Each course was a new discovery. Can you fathom a bowl of hot soup with a dollop of ice-cream? My taste buds were in a constant state of wonder and excitement!


Recent Buy


I bought a beautiful sculpture, small and stunning, made by Maximilian Verhas.



Getting Adventurous


Snorkelling opened up a completely new world for me — the eerie silence of the vast oceans, thousands of colourful fish, corals that would take your breath away and then the ridge of the ocean that seems to suddenly drop.



Listening to


I’m currently listening to anything and everything I can find on Shiva.



Reading these Days


The Presence of Shiva by Stella Kramrisch.



Moment of Peace


Peace is something that is in one’s self. So, everywhere and anywhere there lies the possibility of being peaceful. We just have to recognise it.



Must Visit


I would love to visit Maldives to enjoy the beauty of the ocean.



My Mantra


Take no shortcuts and live with passion and a sense of integrity and truth. Explore the unexplored.