A quick chat with Navin Ansal and Raseel Gujral

Interior designers by choice and art enthusiasts by passion, the successful couple have carved a niche for themselves in the art circuit. Proud owners of two stores, the couple are established interior decorators and art connoisseurs.


Last holiday


I went to Miami with my family. It’s a quintessential hot spot with sunny beaches and a buzzing night life. One must visit the trendy Art Deco District.


Excellent meal


It was a gastronomic experience at Michelin Star Chef Thomas Keller’s Napa Valley restaurant. The sweet butter poached Maine lobster tail with artichokes in garlic was great.


Recent buy


We bought a few bandhgalas, jodhpurs and achkan from a fashion store abroad.


Getting adventurous


Other than the love for bikes, the current obsession would be riding our beautiful horse, a new addition to the family!


Listening to


Punjabi songs by Arif Lohar, Doors, Pink Flyod, INXS and Johnny Guitar Watson.


Moment of peace


Without doubt, a relaxed holiday in Thailand gives us more peace than anything.


Must visit


We would love to visit Africa for its wildlife. Thankfully it is still a continent with abundant wildlife living without fear in its natural habitat. It will make us feel really connected with life on this planet.


My mantra


Our mantra in life is to keep moving, changing, and evolving on a daily basis. We try not to take ourselves and our lives too seriously and become good at making mole hills out of mountains!