A quick chat with Vijender Singh

Vijender Singh, Indian Olympic Medalist boxer shares his latest holiday experience and answers some rapid fire questions for us.

Vijender Singh (Photo by IndiaFM)


Last Holiday

I last holidayed in New York. It is very beautiful and perfect holiday destination and I was completely rejuvenated. My wife loved shopping there. The people were very warm and I liked driving in the city, courtesy the great roads. I also travelled to Boston and Florida where I made friends and played a little basketball with kids.


New York City


Excellent Meal

I like my butter chicken and naan and traditional home-cooked food. But since I can’t get all of it during my foreign trips, I enjoy having chicken in some form or the other.


Recentl Buy

We exchanged gifts for our anniversary, and my wife bought me an Ipad and I bought her a Cartier watch.


Getting Adventurous

I have been training these days, so, I do not have much time to indulge in any other sport but boxing . But I tried zorbing recently and it was a lot of fun. I was quite anxious before trying it but it turned out to be a piece of cake!


Listening to

I’m currently listening to the tracks by Honey Singh.


Reading these days

A biography of Nelson Mandela


Moment of peace

My most peaceful holiday was spent at my village. I visited my school and caught up with my friends; it was a wonderful break from my rigorous training schedule. It was thoroughly nostalgic.


Must Visit

I would love to visit Spain and see the beauty of the Roman architecture in the forts and structures.


My Mantra

If you really want to achieve something, chances are, you will. Be passionate in life.