Travel talk with Tinu Anand

Tinu Anand, actor needs no introduction but what is interesting is his introduction to Kerala on his last holiday trip. Let’s take a look at how it went.


Tinu Anand (Photo by Filmi Tadka)


Q: Where did you go on your latest trip?

Tinu Anand: To me a holiday means lying on the bed and looking at the ceiling and doing nothing at all. Before I plan a holiday for myself, I think of a country or region that is beautiful to look at but not exactly in the middle of nowhere.

My latest trip in India was to Kerala, some nine months ago.


Q: Who accompanied you on this trip?

Tinu Anand: I went there with my wife.


Q: Where did you stay?

Tinu Anand: We stayed at the lovely three-bedroom houseboat of producer-director Priyadarshan.


Q: Did you meet any interesting people?

Tinu Anand: I wanted to stay alone and enjoy the peace, so I did not meet many people. But the people over there recognised me because of my association with the Malayalam film Saza-e-Kala Pani and spoke to me in Malayalam, but to their surprise I did not know a single word of the language.


Q: What about Shopping? Did you do some?

Tinu Anand: I bought spices and a lot of cane baskets that I have turned into lamp shades.





Q: Do you have any sightseeing recommendations?

Tinu Anand: Go trekking in the Periyar Tiger Reserve at Thekkady. You can opt for day treks, night treks, camp outs or bamboo rafting to make your trip an unforgettable one. Enjoy the fresh catch of the day at Vasco da Gama, Fort Kochi, and cruise in the houseboats in the backwaters through rural Kerala. And do not forget to buy spices from the Garden of Spices. Take a dip in the mineral waters of Varkala or in the Nelliyampathy forests in Palakkad. The experience will refresh your mind and body. You must enjoy the local art performances and visit the art galleries there.


Q: Can you give our readers some travel tips?

Tinu Anand: Go wherever your heart leads you, meet the locals, spend time with them, and enjoy the local dishes. Relaxation and rejuvenation don’t take place in front of a computer screen. Leave your laptop at home.


Q: Which place would you really like to visit?

Tinu Anand: One place in India that I do really want to be able to see someday is Ladakh. I have seen much of this place from my daughter’s eyes as she has taken some fabulous pictures of this place. But I am looking forward to a first-hand experience.