Travel Talk with Sunali Rathod

Sunali Rathod, popular Ghazal singer,talks about her trip to Mahabaleshwar. Sunali loves Mahabaleshwar for the wonderful walking trails and easy treks, the thick woods, the strawberry and mulberry farms, boating in the Venna lake, horse riding in the thick slopes and the evening bonfires.


She says, “A holiday for me means where I can have time for myself, which is otherwise so hard to find. I also like scenic holidays.”


Q: Where did you go on your latest trip?


Sunali Rathod: I visited Mahabaleshwar in December last year.


Q: Who accompanied you on this trip?


Sunali Rathod: I went there with my husband Roopkumar Rathod and our daughter.


Q: Where did you stay?


Sunali Rathod: We stayed at Frederick Hotel in Mahabaleshwar — one of the finest heritage hotels that commands the most panoramic view of the lake and the golf links.


Q: Did you meet any interesting people?


Sunali Rathod: Mahabaleshwar is our favourite haunt and we visit it every few months and most of the locals know us very well. So, every time is a new experience where some of the locals treat us and share their experiences.

Photo by By Dhananjay Odhekar

Q: Did you do any shopping?


Sunali Rathod: I bought honey and a few traditional slippers from Mahabaleshwar.


Q: Any Sightseeing recommendations?


Sunali Rathod: Arthur’s Seat, situated at 1,470 m above sea level, is the queen of all vantage points. The Polo Ground and the Shiva Temple in Old Mahabaleshwar is also not to be missed. Visit the strawberry farms to enjoy the real flavour of the fruit. The Venna lake is one of the major tourist attractions of this hill town. You should go in for a late winter evening boat ride through the slight fog.


Q: Any travel tips?


Sunali Rathod: Travel light but carry the bare necessities. Carry trekking shoes and a track suit. I always carry my iPod to listen to my favourite soundtracks, and a packed goodie box with some homemade delicacies.


Q: What have you learnt?


Sunali Rathod: Travelling can be exhausting, especially if you are excited to pack in lots of stuff in a day or are trying to enjoy the last few days of your vacation. Take a nap, and do not worry, because the world will still be there for you when you wake up.


Q: You’d love to visit?


Sunali Rathod: South India’s coastal regions like Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram. I also want to see the Girnar mountain range in Gujarat’s Junagadh district. It is an important pilgrimage and is well-known for its beautifully carved Jain temples.