A quick chat with Sushma Reddy

Sushma Reddy, successful model and Bollywood actor, needs no introduction when it comes to the world of glamour and entertainment.

Last Holiday


It was to Berlin with my sister Meghana, and was packed with sightseeing, eating and shopping. We ended the trip by heading back to Meghana’s island home in Antiparos Greece, where we relaxed on the Med’s placid blue waters.


Excellent Meal


It was at a vegan friend’s house in Raleigh, North Carolina. He creatively rustled up something in minutes using seitan, fresh rose petals, lavender buds and herbs from his herb garden. The meal was light, fresh and organic. The best dessert was one conjured by the Demolition Desserts (Molecular Gastronomy) author Elizabeth Falkner. It was a sorbet bursting with fresh peaches, a bitter, sugarless dark chocolate ice cream lolly and a delicate fresh lavender cream dip. The combination was light and divine!

Photo Pedelecs by Wikivoyage and Wikipedia



Recent Buy


I recently bought summer dresses from Goa.


Getting Adventurous


My most recent stab at adventure travel was living in a tented retreat in Uttarakhand’s Binsar forest. The weather was fantastic, the walks were exhilarating and my tent was close to the Binsar Sanctuary, so much so that I could hear the leopard prowling near my tent at night!



Listening To


Amy Winehouse.


Reading These Days


White Castle by Orhan Pamuk, the Turkish writer.



Moment of Peace


I went to the ruins of Sabrata in Libya during a fashion show. It is a well preserved Roman city with amphitheatres, public baths and homes that sit on the Med, and the wind hummed through the structures. It felt like going into a time warp.


Must Visit


Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.



My Mantra

If something can be replaced by money, it’s not worth fretting over.