Travel Talk with Roop Kumar Rathod


Roopkumar Rathod music director and singer, shares his experience of travelling in the Himalayas which he prefers above all for the breathtaking views, serene environment and the alluring grandeur of the natural beauty that it has to offer.

Roop Kumar Rathod

Roop Kumar Rathod


He says that “A holiday for me is the time in which I can relax and I am completely at peace with myself. A holiday is about staying in the lap of nature.”


Q: Where did you go on your latest trip?


Roop Kumar Rathod:  Last June I visited the Himalayas and thereafter I proceeded towards Gangotri and Yamunotri. We went to other places too.


Q: Who accompanied you on this trip?


Roop Kumar Rathod: I went there with a friend of mine from Delhi – Pandit Rajan Sharma.


The Himalayan Foothills

Q: Where did you stay?


Roop Kumar Rathod: We stayed in different kinds of accommodations. At some places it was a tent with basic facilities, in some other places it was just a simple lodge.


Q: Did you meet any interesting people?


Roop Kumar Rathod: I met a lot of sadhus who were meditating on the Himalayas. To my surprise, they were in their seventies and eighties but they looked as if they were just in their forties.


Sadhus in Gangotri (Photo by Matt Verner)


Q: Did you do any shopping?


Roop Kumar Rathod: I shopped at Anokhi Designer Studio in Dehradun and also picked up some great stuff from Fab India.

Q: Any Sightseeing recommendations? 


Roop Kumar Rathod: If you are visiting the Himalayas then you must make time for Almora. It presents a breathtaking panoramic view of the Himalayas and offers an alluring grandeur of natural beauty. One must also visit the hill station of Ranikhet for its serene environment, thick envelope of conifer trees and green meadows.


Q: Any travel tips?


Roop Kumar Rathod: If you are travelling with your family make sure you plan your itinerary in detail. But, if you are going with your friends you can enjoy an uncharted holiday!


The Himalayas (Photo by Wonker)

Q: What have you learnt?


Roop Kumar Rathod: I have learnt to be with nature, away from the pollution in the city and unwind while at a holiday.


Q: What have you learnt?


Roop Kumar Rathod: I would like to visit Himalayas again and again since I’m mesmerized by its beauty and I believe that it can’t be explored in a visit or two.