Travel talk with Urvashi Sharma

Urvashi Sharma, actor, shares her holiday experience in Nagpur with us. She says, ” A holiday to me means a time when I can have fun and am completely free from all responsibilities. It’s also about exploring new places, food and people”.



Urvashi Sharma



Q: Where did you go on your latest trip?

Urvashi Sharma: I went to Nagpur around three months back for a two-day campaign.


Q: Who accompanied you on this trip?

Urvashi Sharma: I went there with my manager. Stay: We stayed at the Sun-n- Sand Hotel, one of the best hotels in Nagpur.


Q: Did you meet any interesting people

Urvashi Sharma: My driver took me around the city and kept on telling me interesting stories about it. When my campaign ended, he took me to a place which serves the best orange burfis and paani puri in town. At the end of it all, he got a paan for me and I still remember this gesture of his.


Q: Can you suggest some shopping destinations in Nagpur?

Urvashi Sharma: I did not shop during this trip as it was a jam-packed schedule for me.



Stone Circle at Nagpur (Photo by Ganesh Dhamodkar)



Q: Do you have any sightseeing recommendations?

Urvashi Sharma: One can see a pillar erected at the Zero Mile site. Nagpur is precisely at the geographical centre-point of India and the Zero Mile marker is located here. About six kilometres from the main city is the Ambazari lake spread over 15 sq km. The lake and the picturesque Ambazari Garden right next to it are definitely worth visiting. Boating in the lake is a sheer delight.


Q: Can you give our readers some travel tips?

Urvashi Sharma: It’s very important to make a detailed travel itinerary. It not only saves one from last minute hiccups but also saves a lot of time. One must also be particular about carrying essential medicines and an umbrella.


Q: What have you learnt from travelling?

Urvashi Sharma: Every time I travel, I learn something or the other. Each day is a new learning experience.


Q: Which place would you really like to visit?

Urvashi Sharma: I really want to see Leh and Ladakh. I think it’s an unexplored Himalayan wonderland, there’s such a lot one can do there.