A quick chat with Raju Srivastav

Raju Srivastav, comedian and Bollywood actor, needs no introduction when it comes to the world of entertainment. Still, here are some rapid fire questions to know him better. Check them out.


Raju Srivastav (Photo by Bollywood Hungama)


Last holiday


It was a work trip-cum-holiday a few months ago to Britain, France and Spain.


Excellent meal


Initially, when we used to go to the US for shows, we used to look out for Indian restaurants and food, and it was very difficult to get. So, in our group we had a Gujarati gentleman who used to prepare typical Gujarati food for us which we relished.


Recent buy


I usually don’t remember where I bought what since I keep travelling so often but in recent memory, I bought a hi-end mobile phone during one such foreign tour.


Getting adventurous


During the shooting of Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon in New Zealand, I tried bungee jumping.


Akaroa Harbour entrance, Canterbury, New Zealand (Photo by Phillip Capper)


Listening to


I generally listen to Bollywood songs but my preferences keep changing from time to time.


Reading these days


I enjoy reading books by Sharad Joshi. Many of his stories have been adapted into serials and Bollywood movies.


Moment of peace


I hardly get a moment of peace as I’m multi-tasking most of the time due to my busy schedule.


Must visit


I have been around the globe but one city I would like to visit is Istanbul.


My mantra


Since I’m a comedian, my mantra in life is to laugh and make other people laugh with me.


We do find him hilarious, don’t we?