Travel Through Dialogues

Movies come and go but few dialogues stay with us forever. To make it even more exciting we take you on a travel trail through dialogues.

We are sure the whole of Mumbai would have woken up to the melodious “Good Morning” wish, Janhavi aka Vidya Balan’s style!


We never knew our very own gujju food, dhokla could qualify to be the next nuclear weapon!

iraq (1)

You must dress up like a ‘Lucknowi’ if you want to bag the “real man” title.


What if you ask for milk and you get rice pudding instead? Yummy exchange! But, hey don’t you dare ask for Kashmir because the exchange won’t be as pleasant as the rice pudding.

You must have heard the saying, “You can take a Punjabi out of Punjab but not Punjab out of a Punjabi”. Well, even the “humans of Bhatinda” religiously follow it.


Hope you enjoyed reading this one. Do share if you know of any other dialogues. After all travelling by any means is so much fun!


About the author:

Pritha Manchanda loves to play with words. Simplicity and creativity comes naturally to her! That sums up all!