What’s Wackiest This Christmas?

The holiday season is a great time for many great minds to unleash their creativity. But sometimes, the rather thick line between creativity and outright craziness gets crossed by huge leaps and bounds. This time I bring you some of the wackiest and weirdest gifts out there in the market, most of them intentionally so, but some are earnestly marketed to improve your lifestyle. So get ready for some eye-popping, absurd and hilarious gifts this festive season. And if you do decide to buy and gift any of these, well sure go ahead, but don’t blame me for the consequences.

Note: All these products are chosen solely for their weird quotient and entertainment value. ixigo does not promote any of these merchandises.

When holiday cheers turn to holiday frights


Demon head Dangle

Continuing on that note…

Gruesome Grub Tin

A box full of milk chocolates in the shape of worms, spiders and maggots. Gross but yummy! Great gift for kids.

Spooky chocolates

A hair-raising collection of Spooky Chocolates that were a creation of design student Amrit Pal Singh. These seem inspired from Tim Burton’s ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’, along with horrifying descriptions of the ingredients that may induce some creepy cravings. Enjoy the nasty gooeyness of Mummy Pie and Zombie Fudge or the sickly satisfying snap as you bite into the Crunchy Bones Cocoa Wafers. Great for costume parties.

And some political horrors as well

The Sarah Palin Embryo Dangle

Iron away your crazy facial wrinkles with the..

Rejuvenique RJV10KIT Facial Toning Mask Kit )


Who wouldn’t like great skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom this Christmas? Wearing this battery-operated electric mask for 15 minutes a day for about 3-4 weeks will guarantee a healthier and vibrant looking skin (or so the company claims, who currently seem to be in a legal fix for making such claims without any scientific evidence) But who cares for all that legal gibberish. Go get one now! The best part is, it also doubles up as a Halloween mask! Two uses for the price of one. Great deal, eh?

Dog Beer

No seriously, it is for dogs!

Bowser Beer

Make this holiday special for your canine friend with Bowser Beer, a non-alcoholic and non-carbonated drink! Now you don’t have to worry about calling a cab for your dog every time he’s had a bit too much to drink.

Speaking of Beer…

Dual Purpose Drinking Glasses

An ingenious invention that is a must have for every drinking enthusiast’s collection


The Wine Bottle Glass

Unfortunately, this one is a gag, but I like the idea nonetheless. This completely outrageous bottle-glass can hold upto 750 ml of wine. Perfect gift for a friend who has slightly above average needs.

Get ready for some action with the…

Christmas Tree Vibrator (not that kind)

Blueprints of the original 1947 patent

Leo Smith, the inventor was of the firm belief that the ornaments on a Christmas tree look much prettier if the tree is vibrating. So he made a vibrating attachment for already decorated trees, which would result in a “pleasing two-dimensional vibration without interference with the decorations.” He also thought the effect would be pleasing to both the eyes and the ears with the ornaments shaking and brushing against the tree creating a rustling sound  “similar to the sound of sleet falling upon packed snow.”

Wonder why it didn’t catch on.

Now it’s time for the hottest fashion in season

panda coat

The Panda coat complete with hood and claws

Creepy Santa Sweater

There’s more to this one than the awful caption. Apparently once you download some app and choose the right animation, and then slip your phone into the Velcro pocket within this sweater, the Santa’s eyes start moving, seemingly scanning the room in a creepy way. Ah, the wonders of technology…takes creepiness to whole new levels.

Bubblewrap Znoltan costume

I’ve no idea why! Maybe it is for…nope, no idea.

Beardo Transworld copy copy

Gary Ski Mask

These highly sought after ski masks make great unconventional gifts for your ski buddies…and non-ski buddies!

Season’s Hottest SALE…

Edible Milk Chocolate iPad


But they do make a sweet treat for your buddies who are in a serious relationship with the Apple store.

How do you like your eggs…scrambled, fried or cubed?

Egg Q-Ber

Let’s face it, who likes to have boiled eggs shaped like…well…eggs! What a ridiculous idea that would be! The Egg Q-Ber is sure to give you a whole new perspective on your morning breakfast…or maybe even life itself!

Something for the camera geeks…

Black Camera Lens Mug

A very unique and thoughtful gift for your photo fanatic buddies that is sure to bring a smile on their faces. Or yours for that matter if you fancy yourself as bit of a photographer. It is designed to look like a Canon EF 24-105mm camera lens with all the details of a regular camera lens and comes with a lid that doubles up as a cute little biscuit tray. Just make sure you keep the real lens at a safe distance to avoid confusion, or you might end up with a BIG problem.

Bacon is in the air

Bacon Air Freshener Spray

Product Description: Delicious Bacon flowing through your home, apartment, or car. Sounds too good to be true but it’s 100% real, and it’s 100% Bacon. This Spray Air Freshener offers the abundance of fatty, crispy, meaty smell of bacon, whenever and wherever you feel the world needs a refreshing spray of the fatty, crispy smell of bacon. Simply remove the cap and spray!

A whole new light

The Grand Fir Flip Tree

For people who like to do things differently.

If you liked the Egg Q-Ber, you’re going to love this one! This giant fir flip tree is a great addition to your home. Easy to install and assemble and comes with pretty white lights. The USP is that you can assemble it sideways or even upside down to create a unique look.

That’s it for my list of the most wackiest stuff out there this Christmas. Don’t forget to check out this page on the best Christmas parties in India. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas. Have fun and stay merry!

By Debangana Sen
Debangana’s love for travel goes beyond her usual pouring over the wallpapers of Ireland. When not doing that, she’s busy planning her next trip.