The Everyday Story Of A Taxi Driver

Most of us have travelled by taxis and cabs at least once in our lives. And we all have some complaint or the other. But has anyone ever given a thought to the miseries that the taxi drivers have to go through because of us? For once, let’s not be selfish and hear them out!

Here are a few complaints all taxi drivers have to make.

And the wait never gets over

5 min are never 5 min and we all know that. We hate it when people are not on time and expect us to wait till eternity. Now think about the poor drivers. Just not fair!


Foodies beware

We all like to keep our home and work space clean and if taxi drivers too want the same, what’s so wrong in it? When hungry, fold your hands, zip your mouth and wait for your destination to arrive. You can greet your fries and drink once you step out of the taxi. 😀


D for Driver

We often forget that we are in a taxi and not a nightclub while requesting the taxi driver to play our favourite song or switch to another radio station. D is for Driver and not DJ in this case. 😉


The Fast and The Furious

No taxi driver is a full-time superhero, so don’t expect him to drive at a breakneck speed. Let the driver drive at his own pace as he has that much-needed road sense. Also, he knows all about traffic rules in India, so better leave everything to him. We all have heard the famous phrase “slow and steady wins the race”. So stick to it and enjoy your ride!


The Puzzle Game

“First left, then right, then second left, and then again right, oh wait! I think it’s left….grrr”. We are sure the taxi drivers aren’t interested in playing the puzzle game with their passengers. Be very clear about your routes and don’t irritate the driver with wild guesses. Confusing a driver in finding the right drop point is one of the most common complaints all taxi drivers have to make.


4 equals to 5

When you specify your driver that you are a group of 4, make sure you are only 4 and not 5 as it becomes difficult for him to accommodate extras. The driver may have a big heart but unfortunately not a big cab or a taxi.



Most of us don’t know that rating a ride with less than 5 stars impacts a driver’s monthly take home. Let’s not be mean and rate him 5 always, no matter how our ride is. But yes, if the driver misbehaves or is indecent, go ahead and don’t rate him at all. Also, you must lodge a complaint with the concerned authority.


Where to sit

You don’t own the whole taxi. Don’t load the entire car with your luggage because just in case you are travelling with your family, it will be difficult for you to make space for them. You never know, one of your bags might just come loose and land up right in front of the driver’s seat. You definitely wouldn’t want that, right? Here’s how you can pack your bag like a pro to avoid such a situation.


Please keep in mind the above complaints all taxi drivers have to make so you let them also enjoy the ride and as you would want to. God bless all drivers! 😀

About the author: 

A pen, notepad and her imagination – Pritha loves narrating stories her way!