Types of Indian Train Travellers

What would life be if not for these quirky, clingy and sometimes even loving Indian Train Travellers? We love our trains and we love our travels, but hate the thought of bearing with our fellow passengers. Take a look at this list and rejoice as you realize you are not alone in this love-hate relationship!

Ever heard of travelling light? No, this one hasn’t! This category of traveller generally travels in hordes with more baggage than a tele-serial bahu. You literally can’t find your way around the one who carries a lot of samaan.

Presenting “The Great Indian Jugaadist”! The one who boards the train without paying for a ticket and then “sets a deal” with the ticket collector. He’s the one who is bribing the TT. He is an impulsive traveller, sometimes even taking temporary shelter at beautiful railway stations!

“Bhaisaab, Adjusht Pleej”. If your ears are tired of hearing this line then you know who we are talking about. He is the one who wants to always exchange seats. He has a problem with his berth, seat, mattress..practically everything!

“Caution: Kids at Play” should be a legitimate warning in Indian trains. We have all encountered motley bunches of rowdy kids who do just about anything to ruin your journey.

Ooh, there’s garlic in the air! Indians love their masalas but when we have to travel long distances with the aroma practically stuffed in our noses, we can’t help but despise the one who carries food and eats in the train.

But then we are the biggest bunch of hypocrites ever and love it when someone brings ghar ka khaana. A hearty meal is then enjoyed with countless “thank yous” to the one who brings and shares food in the train.

This one is a complete trouble-maker and won’t let you sit in peace, literally! He is the one who keeps going to the toilet every 10 seconds, pushing you to the verge of insanity.

Old McCorporate rode a train and had everything out on display on his seat. A laptop here, a dongle there, a charger over there–he is the one who means business.

A lone ranger. A corny crusader. You will find him gazing out the window, enjoying the scenic rail route, or engrossed in an arty book. You don’t want to talk to him because you secretly feel an inferiority complex around the one who has attained nirvana.

Making the world dance to their unwelcomed beats, this category likes it loud. The world is his discotheque and he wants to spread the joy (read nuisance) of music. He is the one who’s playing music on loudspeaker.

As they say, you can’t change your neighbours and in a diaspora as vivid and as culturally crazy as ours, you can’t help but feel proud of being a one-of-its-kind Indian Train Traveller! Its time to revive the nostalgia by booking a train journey through ixigo!