Wednesday Statement: It’s Raining Railway Tickets!

What exactly happened?

A person just bought tickets over Rs. 96,000. Yeah, we were totally shocked too! Carrying a bundle of Rs. 100,000 (Rs. 1000 Denomination Notes), he walked towards a railway ticket reservation counter in Bankura and booked return tickets from Howrah to New Delhi for 10 people (first-class AC on the Rajdhani Express). The total transaction turned out to be Rs. 96,300.

The conclusion drawn

The railway officials were, however, not sure whether the person making the payment was a genuine passenger or not. It wasn’t even in their hands to deny the tickets to him. Just in case, he bought the tickets to use all his Rs. 1000 notes and even had the after-plan of cancelling the tickets, so he could get his refund back.

Now it is definitely his turn or a shock as on Thursday the Indian Railways announced that all refunds beyond Rs. 10,000 would be deposited into bank accounts owing to the fact that the ticket sales showed a spurt on Wednesday. You’d be shocked to know that in some places the number of tickets sold was 10 times the normal sales.

More info

On Wednesday, reserved tickets worth Rs. 25 lakh were sold by the Ranchi Division of the SER.

According to an official, “The the transaction on November 9, 2015, was Rs. 17-18 lakh. In the Adra Division of SER, nearly Rs. 31 lakh worth of tickets were sold on Wednesday. On November 9, 2015, the ticket sales in this division was a mere Rs. 8 lakh.”

Another official further added, “The trend was first noticed in Western Railway. A single booking counter in Mumbai that normally sells 240-odd tickets sold over 20,000 tickets on Wednesday.”

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