Weekend Getaways from Delhi: Dholpur

I have watched dolphins somersault in the Chambal and held my breath as slack-jawed crocodiles with their awesome dental work turn longingly from the shoreline towards our approaching boat. I have gazed in wonder at the sun-dazed, Pinocchio snouted- glass-eyed baby gharials and leather-backed river turtle as they cool off at the nursery pool at an eco far. I have driven past the badlands of the once-dreaded Chambal ravines and worshipped at a 400-year-old temple set along a lotus-filled pond. And that’s just the half of it when you go to the erstwhile princely state of Dholpur.


A view in the city of Dholpur


Dholpur’s geographic setting is part of its unique charm and importance. Strategically positioned by the waters of the Chambal, Dholpur was once a much-coveted milestone for raiders from the North intent on conquering the riches of Malwa and Gwalior.


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Getting There


Nearest airport: Agra (58 km/1 hr) Only when flights are operational from Delhi in the tourist season
Dholpur is well connected by rail Best Option TO Taj Express (dep: Hazrat Nizamuddin: 7.10 am, arr: Dholpur 10.48 am). Pick-up arranged by the hotel, just 1 km away. Autos available at the station
Best Option
FROM Taj Express (dep: Dholpur 5.47 pm; arr: Hazrat Nizamuddin 10 pm) Road Take the highway to Agra and then get on to the Gwalior Road for Dholpur 58 km/1 hr) via Mania.