What is premium economy class in flight?

Premium economy class in flights is a class that has a higher level of comfort than Economy class but costs less than Business class. To enhance the in-flight experience, this class has more spacious seating along with various amenities for a comfortable journey. Here are a few examples of various airlines that offer Premium Economy class tickets:

1. Vistara

This airline offers Premium Economy Class and is famous for its service.
The price range for this class ranges between Rs.8,000-Rs.15,000 on a domestic route depending on the booking time and the route of the flight.

Facilities: Wider seats, extra legroom, extra reclining seats, more choice for meals, priority check-in with boarding, extra baggage allowance, access to lounge at select places, etc.

2. Air India

Air India offers Premium Economy services on some of its international routes. The fares can range from Rs.20,000 – Rs.40,000 for international flights, depending on the destination and travel time.

Facilities: Spacious seats, better meal service, priority check-in with boarding, extra baggage allowance, upgraded in-flight entertainment, etc. 

3. SpiceJet

SpiceJet offers a Premium Economy variant aka “SpiceMax.” The seats are around Rs. 1,000 to ₹2,000 more than the Economy class fare on domestic routes. 

Facilities: Seats with 6 inches more space, priority boarding and check-in, free meals and drinks, priority baggage handling and extra baggage allowance.  

4. IndiGo

IndiGo has the option for ‘6E Prime’ which offers the comfort of Premium Economy. It usually costs around ₹1,000 to ₹2,000 more than the standard fare, depending on the flight duration and route.

Facilities: Seats with extra legroom, complimentary meals and drinks, priority baggage handling and check-in, cost-free seat selection