Why Bike-Taxis Are The Best Thing For Gurgaon’s Traffic

Haryana Government got the coolest thing on board.

Bike Taxi, a piping hot concept running around the world has caught Indian Government’s attention. Now don’t you worry about the traffic jams and endless hours that you spend for the long car queues to disappear – just wave your hand and all aboard bike taxis’.

In a recent move, Gurgaon fetched approval for running these service by the end of this month. The idea is to help commuters in reaching places on time by escaping the heavy traffic jams. Major pick up points are metro stations, bus stops and popular destinations.

  1. It will be called “Baxi”.
  2. In all probability, November end should see 100+ functional Baxis in the state.
  3. Haryana is the second state in the country to receive its approval, the first was Goa. Among cities, Kochi has been practicing the same for quite sometime.
  4. Bike taxi is a common concept around the globe and is operative in Sweden, China, Cameroon, Cambodia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Brazil.
  5. The bikers will be given special training on etiquettes, hygiene, safety and several other aspects.
  6. These bikers will carry helmets and hair nets for passengers / fellow riders.
  7. The bikes will have a unique look and bikers will be in uniform for easy and quick identification.
  8. One can pick Baxi from government allocated stands or online through apps.
  9. Crowded and popular spots like Huda City Center to Cyberpark or Sikandarpur to Cyber Hub will cost INR 25.
  10. The service will initially start from high traffic corridors of Gurgaon. It will later expand across the city as per need.

Get a quick ride wherever you want! 😉

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