Why December Is The Friday Of The Year?

Ever wondered why out of 12 months, December brings out the best in you? Well we have reasons for it. December is the “Friday of the Year”. And when it is Friday, our mood just hits the right note, right? We give you 10 points as to why and how December is the Friday of the year.


Jingle bells jingle all the way!

Ho ho ho! Yes you got that right. We are talking about the most celebrated festival– Christmas. December brings us Santa Claus, christmas trees, lights and the color red. Celebrate christmas in a grand way!


Do you want to build a snowman?

So you stay in a place where it doesn’t snow. Well then it’s time to travel to a winter destination. Pack your jackets, boots and hit the roads because winters are here!


Where’s the party tonight?

December is all about parties. Put on your dancing shoes and shake a leg because you should never miss a chance to dance. Don’t forget to party hard in new year.


Ok bye same old life!

When it’s December you should go out for vacations. Bid goodbye to the year by travelling to a new place and experiencing new things.


Shop till you drop!

Attention ladies, December is all about sales! Shop shop shop…till you drop! Go on a shopping spree with all the brands giving festive discounts.


Best part of the festive season-gifts!

Santa is coming! Who doesn’t like receiving gifts? Well this festive month is all about exchanging gifts–be it christmas or new year, this month is only about spreading happiness.


The joy of having those drinks!

Be it hot cappuccino or garam chai, December is perfect to enjoy the freezing winter. A soothing cup of rum punch is perfect for reliving the nostalgia of winters past.


Time to be where the heart is!

If you didn’t give time to your family and friends these past 11 months, this 12th month is perfect to be with them. Nothing can bring a better end to the year than being with family.


Cold air, dark nights, warm fire!

You got us right! We are talking about bonfire. Imagine yourself cuddled around a bonfire with your loved ones, sipping your favorite beverage and enjoying the perfect winters.


Hope-new year!

As Friday brings us hope for a better week, December gives us hope for a better year! With hope in our hearts and a view in our minds–lets welcome a new year!

We guess these above points are enough to make you believe that December is the Friday of the year. We are gonna be back with a new article as how January is the Monday of the year. Keep reading. Cheers!

About the Author:

Ria knows how to put herself through words. The magical story she unfolds is simply amazing. Only words can do justice!