Wishing Happy New Year In Different Languages

2020 is here folks! 

Of course, there’ll be a thousand messages on your phone that’ll say ‘Happy New Year’ and that is all fine; but how about adding a few new words to your multilingual vocabulary?

Here’s wishing a ‘Happy New Year’ in 11 different languages:


Gulp down a rosogolla and say “subha naba barsa” to all your Bengali friends out there!


When you visit Guwahati this New Year, wish them in their regional language — Assamese! And don’t forget to learn some Bihu dance moves.


Imagine your Gujarati friend’s excitement when you wish them in their own language. How? The image will help you!


Greet each other this year by learning how to say Happy New Year in Urdu.


You think wishing in Kannada will not be easy? We are here to help you! Say “Hosa Varshada Shubhashaya”.


A trip to Rajasthan will be incomplete this new year if you don’t wish the locals in their own language.


Only doing ‘balle balle’ won’t make your friend happy this new year. Make it extra special by wishing them in Punjabi!


Don’t know what to reply when your Mallu friend wishes you Happy New Year? Simply greet him/her back by saying “putuvatsarasansakal”.


Spread the love this new year by wishing someone in Sindhi!


Always struggled to learn Tamil? Worry not! Learn how to wish Happy New Year in Tamil and surprise your friend with this new skill set.

tamil-01India is a unique country that speaks many languages; so, make the New Year special for you and for everyone around you, after all, there’s unity in diversity! Here’s hoping the coming year brings joy, good health, and prosperity to one and all!

Happy New Year everyone! 😀