World’s Most Picturesque Treks

Every year starts with an unspoken promise of keeping ourselves physically and mentally fit, and 2017 is no different. As a traveller, you dive into the pool of inspiration that keeps your sanity intact, which might get lost in the humdrum of daily life from time to time. One of the biggest luminaries a traveller must add to their consistent list of inspiration is to embrace the luxury of the great outdoors.

If you are a seasoned hiker and love hard-core walking tours amidst the beauty of mammoth mountains, then these treks should definitely be on your list.

Inca Trail, Machu Picchu, Peru

Every trail tells a story that is historically and culturally rich. As the oldest and the most famous Inca archaeological ruin in the world, this trail is inside the sanctuary of Machu Picchu in the Cusco region of Peru. The trek is exhausting but once you witness its landscaped vistas, you’ll be convinced that it was worth the effort. Experienced trekkers normally take 4-5 days to complete the classic Inca trail. You must plan the trek months before going as the annual limit of people allowed every year is only 500. The trail is closed in February for cleaning.

Everest base camp, Nepal

Travelers everywhere, if you consider yourself a die-hard mountaineer, then Everest base camp should definitely be on your bucket list. The challenging beauty of these mountains is so captivating that it’ll reciprocate nothing but a content-self. The itinerary to the Everest is not only thrilling but also a well-planned one. Explore awe-inspiring rules of nature one step at a time and don’t forget to take a selfie using the world’s highest wifi.

Pacific Crest Trail, Oregon-Washington border, USA

Designated as one of the most picturesque national scenic trails in the world, Pacific crest trail is a long distance hiking trail for some serious walkers. We are talking about hiking through 25 national forests and 7 national parks covering the distance of 4,279 km. If you are a sucker for wilderness then this trail is everything you’ve always dreamt of.

Brahmatal Trek, India

Brahmatal is one of many Garhwal Himalayas’ hidden paradises. Located at the soaring height of 12,200 ft. approx., this trek in Uttarakhand highlights the majestic splendour of the mighty Himalayas. An ideal choice for first-time trekkers, the trail in this region is fairly moderate and is a must-add to your winter trek list.

Mount Kailash Trek, Tibet

This pilgrimage is a tradition dating back to thousands of years that are supposed to bring good fortune to the believers. The route of the trek is covered in rugged terrains and gorgeous surroundings that attract abundant travellers every year. In 2015, the government of India declared a new yatra route to Mount Kailash in Tibet. Instead of starting the journey from Uttarakhand, you can now take the shorter route that passes through Nathu La from Sikkim to Tibet.

Goecha la, Sikkim, India

The Himalayan range is not just blessed with some of the highest mountain peaks in the world, but it also thrills upon an exotic ecosystem and colossal beauty of the high mountain passes. Located in Sikkim, Goecha la is a mesmerizing high mountain pass that offers a challenging trek through Kanchenjunga national park and picturesque vistas of the Himalayan range.

Sentiero Azzurro, Italy

As a traveller, Cinque Terre is the least touristy think you can do in Italy. Overloaded with lush beauty and coastal backdrop, Cinque Terre offers the most dramatic scenery you’d ever see. The most famous way to explore bucolic heaven is to follow the Sentiero Azzurro Cliffside hiking trail. You’ll need to purchase a Cinque Terre card to kickstart this scenic adventure.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

As a seasoned trekker, this might be the most clichéd thought to ever chase an idle brain, which is to take an expedition of a lifetime. Kilimanjaro trek is the beast-mode of all the treks. It is the highest mountain in Africa elevated at the height of 19,341 feet. There are 6 different routes to get to Uhuru peak, which is the highest summit of Mount Kilimanjaro and each of them offers a tremendous view.

Thrilled to take the challenge yet? Travel and explore to know more.