World’s Weirdest Museums

If you can think of nothing more than the Louvre and its likes when it comes to museums, I offer you a change of thoughts. As a proof of the fact that our world still brims with a good number of eccentrics, I sat down to search for world’s weirdest museums. Startled by the great number and, of course, the sheer eccentricity, I picked the best of these museums for you.


With this, you’ll know what sort of museum you are heading off to on your next vacation –


Arna Jharna – The Desert Museum of Rajasthan, Jodhpur

Photo Courtesy – Vladimer Shioshvili

The sheer effort that has gone into making a green patch of land in the middle of desert makes it worthwhile. For the eccentric touch, you can feast your eyes on the collection of brooms inside. Worth envying (if you must), the place has quite a sizable number of brooms. One of the least hyped attractions near Jodhpur, Arna Jharna Museum is a good break from all the forts and havelis.


UFO Museum and Research Center, New Mexico

Photo Courtesy – kbcool

While this one welcomes both believers and the skeptics, you will surely have a gala time here if you agree with the theory that we are not alone in the universe. This one has ample of evidence to support you, including detailed records of UFO sightings and alien appearances! It is also a good attempt at government cover ups and the much fabled Rosewell UFO crash theory.


International Spy Museum, Washington

Photo Courtesy – Official Website

Bond’s? Yes, that’s James Bond’s. Other than this Aston Martin DB5 of the super spy, there is a lot to woo the spy lovers here. Tiniest of cameras, x-ray binoculars, hi tech phones, ring guns, watch cameras, shoes with heel transmitters and what not. Here, you have totally drool worthy gadgets from the world of ultimate spies. Don’t skip this one.


Museum of Bad Arts, Massachusetts 

Photo Courtesy – Official Website

Start reading once you’ve have stopped laughing after meeting the “other Mona Lisa”. The Museum of Bad Arts (MOBA) houses “art that is too bad to be ignored”. The two branches of MOBA have some 500 ungorgeous pieces of art work. What started as a hobby and private collection is now known and loved by the whole world as MOBA. Other than the Mona Lisa, there’s Lucy in the Field with Flowers, which is a must see too.


Hall of Flame, Arizona

Photo Courtesy – Greg Gjerdingen

The Hall of Flame offers you an acre of firefighting exhibits! While there’s no beating that, this is a must visit for anyone and everyone who ever thought of donning the saviours’ cap, rescuing people from burning buildings. It has got some 80 restored pieces of firefighting equipment from all over the world.


Museum of Funeral Carriages, Barcelona, Spain

Photo Courtesy – M0tty

Started in 1970, this one houses a haunting (literally) collection of funeral carriages. If you are touring Barcelona and are eager to take a break from the very fascinating architecture and droves of tourists, this is just the place to be at. It also prides itself for housing the only collection of hearses in the whole of Europe. Makes for a more than somber turn to your trip!


Pattaya Museum of Bottle Art, Thailand

Photo Courtesy – Christine Matthews

This museum is a wonderful collection of art work inside bottles. Quite alike the collection of Blackbeard’s (the pirate), that had huge ships trapped in bottles, the collection here is simply fascinating. Apart from a few works that are installed inside glass cubes, everything that’s worth a watch is built inside bottles here. Thrilling, pirate like, right?


Gelato Museum, Italy 

Photo Courtesy – Official Website

If you too, like me. are in love with Gelato, you ought to visit this one. A visit to the Gelato Museum will let you know the history, culture, and technology of gelato. It includes an interactive tour, a dekko of  20 original machines and a tasting session too. If anything, forget the calorie count when you visit. Prior reservations are a must to visit this one.


The Dog Collar Museum, Kent

Photo Courtesy – Ealdgyth

The only museum of its kind in Great Britain, the Dog Collar Museum inside Leeds Castle, has an interesting collection of more than 100 vintage dog collars. The exhibits includes some pieces that are over five centuries old! A must visit for the lovers of eccentricity and, of course, dogs, this museum is one of the best kept secrets of the Leeds Castle.


Malacological Museum, Italy

Photo Courtesy – Moyan_Brenn

Founded in 1977 to preserve a collection of sea shells, this one has grown into quite a huge entity with time. Boasting of more than 900,000 exhibits and 9 million study pieces, this is more like a wonderland for the ones in love with sea. This is as close to sea as you can get while still on land. This is a must visit. Closer home, there is the Sea Shell Museum at Diu too. Again a great visit.


If you think there are more wacky museums out there that deserve a mention here, pitch in with a comment below and we’ll make sure that your entry is listed here. Till then, let’s make a new itinerary, a new road map. 


Happy travelling. 


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