10 Very Unusual Laws Around The World

The world isn’t a perfect place. Each new country you visit might leave you baffled with its crazy laws and regulations. To get yourself the perfect-traveller tag and make the best of your trip, keep in mind these 10 things on your next journey abroad!

1) Vicks inhalers are banned in Japan

2) Swearing on the Virginia beach can get one fined

3) In Canada, the law states that 35% of all songs played on the radio must be by Canadian artists

4) Many countries in the Caribbean ban the wearing of camouflage clothing

5) Feeding the pigeons at St. Mark’s square, Venice is prohibited

6) It’s illegal to run out of fuel on the Autobahn, Germany

7) Heels are not allowed in Acropolis, Greece

8) When driving, car headlights have to remain on at all times in Scandinavia

9) Chewing gum is a criminal offense in Singapore

10) Flushing the loo after 10PM is banned in some apartment complexes in Switzerland

Till we find more interesting facts, happy travelling!