16 Cool Road Trip Hacks For Summer

Who on earth doesn’t love going on road trips? We all can use a road-trip anytime of the year to shed some old skin and de-stress a bit.The mere idea of getting completely lost on the long endless roads is the kind of offer one cannot say no to.

But we all know, travelling in summers can be really taxing; sunburns, heat strokes, and constant sweating can suck up the joy out of trips. 

So, should we stop travelling because of the heat? Hell,no. And so, to make your travel easier, we’ve got these brilliant summer hacks when you’re on the road.

  1. A wet towel to keep off the heat strokes from reaching you.1

    Remember the blistering heat in May that gives you sunburns? Well, now you can fight them. Hang a wet towel on the window for cool vibes.

  2. DIY air freshener for your car! 2

    Toss some baking soda in a mason jar; add essential oils (lavender, rosemary, sweet orange etc) and dried herbs to it. Voila! Your freshener is ready.

  3. Carry your food in a CD box (Holder) like a boss!

    And who would have thought this good about a CD holder?

  4. Tie a rubber band around the seat to hang your sunglasses!Shades In car

    Worry no more about losing your sunglasses or accidently sitting on them. Tie a rubber band around the seat and hang it on.

  5. Waterproof your shoes with beeswax to keep it from getting wet.5

    Waterproof. Shoes.= The. Best. Trip.

  6. The 15 minutes chilled beer hack!6

    Doing a road trip in summers without a chilled beer is a sin. Wrap any bottle (Beer/wine) with a wet paper towel/ tissue and put it in the freezer; It will get chilled within 15 minutes.

  7. Put a wet sponge in the freezer and use it as an ice pack, it won’t drip when it melts.7

    When the scorching heat burns your eyes, take a moment and give it some rest.

  8. Put pop sticks inside a cup. It won’t fall off when it melts.  8

    The best hack ever is here. Don’t worry about ice candies that fall all the time. Use this.

  9. Use half-frozen water bottles for cold water.9

    Tired of drinking hot water in summers? So are we! Freeze a half-filled water bottle and sip on chilled water for a very long time.

  10. Twist the steering wheel so the underside part takes the most of the sun.10

    And why didn’t we think of this before?

  11. Stick cloves in lime for a bug repellent. It smells good too.11

    Say bye-bye to bugs.

  12. Sprinkle baby powder over your body to brush off sand without skin irritation.12

    Taking sand off your feet was never this easy.

  13. Aloe vera ice cubes for sunburn reliefs.13

    Store them in a jar, keep it cool and use it as and when you need.

  14. Create your own natural mosquito spray with basil, lemon and hot water.14

    Your self-made knight in shining jar!

  15. Food tray15

    Scoop the fruit out, cut it, and fill it in the melon cup. Voila!

  16. Hang a wet towel or sheet in front of the AC’s vent to add to the cooling.
    It’s so chilly! 

Kill your travel woes in time and in style. However, the easiest way to keep yourself hydrated and good to go in summers is to grab a lot of water. So, what are you waiting for? Call up your buddies and cool off a bit.