2018 Travel Bucket List: 7 Emerging Destinations of the World

How about making 2018 the best year yet, travel-wise? Begin by filling up your calendar with venturesome yet glamorous getaways near and far. You may also thank us, as we’ve come bearing gifts.


Here’s a roundup of the year’s soon-to-be biggest travel destinations, from Slovenia to South Korea –



Europe’s sunniest spot; Croatia is a land of scintillating seascapes and sun-soaked islands. Home to more than 1,200 islands, this Jewel of the Adriatic Sea will now be much easier to visit. Travelling between the many islands of Croatia have always been made difficult by expensive yacht charters and slow-moving public ferries. All this is set to change in 2018 with UberBOAT, which will now run on-demand transfers and private tours along the Dalmatian coast.

Shift your gaze away from the glittering coasts and you will stumble upon the Dinaric Alps, where lies a treasure chest of picturesque peaks, caverns, river canyons, waterfalls and lovely lakes. Upon treading further inland, you will come across cultural centerpieces in the form of Napoleonic forts, Viennese and Slavic Churches.

Places to Visit: Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split, Hvar, Brač, Rovinj, Zadar
Best Time to Visit: May – June, and September – October



Morocco is made more special by diverse landscapes and endearing people. Holding our dreamy fascination for years, Morocco is fastly becoming a much sought-after destination. This is all thanks to the desert fortresses of the Sahara, sapphire waters lapping over its sandy beaches and the peeking peaks of the mesmeric mountainscapes. Walking along the winding alleyways lead to buzzing ‘souks’ and holistic ‘hammams’, Morocco should be on the rim of your bucket list if you seek an adventure in art, culture, and cuisine.

Places to Visit: Marrakech, Casablanca, Fes, Ouarzazate, Meknes, Tangier
Best Time to Visit: March – May, and September – October



An idyllic island of eternal summer, Fiji should be your next tropical escape. Why? Because the archipelago doesn’t only invite you to its pristine beaches but it also accommodates hikers, birdwatchers, amblers and wildlife enthusiasts. Dive under the crystalline waters and take in the seraphic sights of colourful coral reefs and other underwater flora and fauna.  

Places to Visit: Nadi, Mamanuca Islands, Suva, Taveuni, Beqa, Vanua Levu
Best Time to Visit: May – October

South Korea


The Land of the Morning Calm, South Korea has carved out for itself a prominent presence on the global stage. Offering visitors an incredibly diverse range of experiences, South Korea (despite its proximity to North Korea) is the most dynamic country on the Pacific Rim today. What’s also special about 2018 is that Pyeongchang (180 km from Seoul) is all set to host the Winter Olympics. It is just the right time to make your plans for a ski-adventure at this Winter Wonderland.

Places to Visit: Seoul, Busan, Jinhae, Incheon, Pyeongchang
Best Time to Visit: March – May and September – November



Whirling limestone cliffs, sparkling seas, and charming rural landscapes make Malta mesmerizing, all throughout the year. Grand megalithic temples, ornate baroque churches, charming old-world streets and hilltop citadels make Malta culturally spectacular. This underrated destination is finally getting its more than deserved share of attention as its capital, Valletta is being promoted as of 2018, the European Capital of Culture. There is no dearth of reasons for visiting this sun-drenched country, but if you need another, Valletta has planned more than 400 events in this year.

Places to Visit: Valletta, Gozo, Comino, Mdina, Rabat, Marsaxlokk, Birgu
Best Time to Visit: March – May, and September – October



Slovenia is Europe’s best-kept secret, which is only now unveiling its many marvels to the outside world. Titillating you with a taste of the East European influence on both culture and cuisine, Slovenia boasts of emerald-turquoise lakes, soaring snow-capped Julian Alp peaks, and ornate architectural wonders. Unarguably the greenest country of the world, Slovenia is best to be taken advantage of before the crowds throng towards it.

Places to Visit: Ljubljana, Bled, Istria, Piran, Vogel, Soča Valley
Best Time to Visit: May – September



A multi-faceted country, Israel is a coterie of sacred splendours, hilly havens, and beach breaks. Enjoy the breathtaking beauty and the eerie mysteries of the Dead Sea or stroll down the ancient pathways of Jerusalem or Nazareth. Expect Israel to surprise you every step of the way, with its traditionality, with its cuisine and when you least expect it, confound you with its modernity.

Places to Visit: Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, The Dead Sea, Akko, Sea of Galilee, Haifa
Best Time to Visit: April – May, and September – October

The world is already afoot, discovering its wonderful works; it’s time you to gaze away from your screens and set out for an adventure too. You know where to go!