5 Simple Ways To Celebrate Earth Day At Home

April 22 2020, marks the 50th anniversary of the International Earth Day, the annual celebration of the modern environmental movement. 

Ironically, this year’s Earth Day falls at an uncertain time when the world is experiencing one of the most widespread and deadly pandemics.

Hence, it is this year that the significance of Earth Day becomes more crucial than ever. We have only one planet, and it must be celebrated and saved!


Here are some ways we can do our bit in saving the earth: 

Pay all your bills online 

Did you know that by simply switching to e-bills, e-tickets and online invoices, we can save lakhs of trees every year? It’s true!

Plant your own garden 

Gardening tools and plants on land

Start small with some flowering plants or indoor ones and soon you will have a little green patch right inside your house. Having a small garden has a positive impact on the environment because it increases the production of oxygen supply.

Give up on plastics 

Use recycled bottles instead of plastic ones, ceramic cups for tea, paper or cloth bags for shopping! This way, we can save a lot of plastic that would otherwise make its way to garbage dumps.

Turn off all the unnecessary lights  

Woman pressing a power button of extension cord indoors. Electricity saving concept

Woman pressing a power button of extension cord indoors. Electricity saving concept

Yes, even simple steps such as turning off extra lights, or fans can contribute to the saving of electricity. 


Avoid wasting food! 

Manufacturing of food has environmental effects as well! If we can reduce the wastage of food, it will help conserve both energy and resources as well as aid in preventing pollution.

These simple steps, not today, but every day can help save the planet earth. Let’s pledge to come together and do our bit!