Coronavirus in India: Total Case Count Reaches 415; WhatsApp Helpdesk Launched

With 30 more cases reported from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Bihar, the total number of novel coronavirus cases in India has increased to 415.

While Maharashtra is worst hit with 89 confirmed cases, Kerala has the second-highest number of cases at 52.

Delhi has recorded 27 positive cases, while Uttar Pradesh has reported 25 cases. The case count is 21 in Telangana and 28 in Rajasthan. In Haryana, there are 17 cases including 14 foreigners.

While Karnataka has 20 coronavirus patients, Punjab and Ladakh have 13 cases each. There are 14 cases in Gujarat and 4 cases each in Jammu and Kashmir and West Bengal.

Odisha has recorded 2 cases while Tamil Nadu has recorded 6 cases. Andhra Pradesh and  Uttarakhand have reported 3 cases each. 

In a bid to make people more aware of the developments and curb rumours on social media, the government has now introduced a WhatsApp helpdesk. The MyGov coronavirus helpdesk number on WhatsApp is +91-9013151515.

Citizens will just need to add the number to their contact list and send a customary ‘Hi’ in order to get a response from the helpdesk. In addition to providing automated responses to queries on coronavirus, the helpdesk will also provide helpline numbers and email IDs in case of emergencies.

Disclaimer: The confirmed number of cases and the state-wise count has been updated as per the information available at 12 pm on 23rd March 2020.