Karnataka Relaxes Inter-State Travel Protocol: No Mandatory Quarantine, Registration

In a big move, the Karnataka government has relaxed the restrictions placed on the inter-state movement of travellers in the state. This relaxation is first-of-its-kind ever since the state went into lockdown in March.

The fresh guidelines issued by the state highlight important changes for inter-state travellers. Let’s take a look:

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>People travelling from other states to Karnataka shall neither have to undergo 14-day quarantine nor register themselves on the Seva Sindhu portal, both of which were required until now.

>Medical check-up and hand stamping of travellers at the state borders, bus stands, railway stations and airports has also been discontinued.

There will be no more isolation, categorization or testing for inter-state travellers.

>Screening of passengers at district-entry points has also been discontinued.

>If the person is asymptomatic on arrival, they can report to work or perform their activities in the state without any home quarantine. However, the new order advises them to self-monitor their health for 14 days.

>If a person is symptomatic at arrival, they shall immediately seek isolation and medical consultation and observe all standard COVID-19 precautions.


These revised guidelines will apply to inter-state travellers arriving in Karnataka from all States/Union Territories, including business travellers, students, labourers coming for work, and transit travellers irrespective of their purpose of visit or duration of stay in the state.