Maui, Hawaii: A rainbow coloured tropical paradise

Nature often has weird ways of making us spellbound, and this is just one of the many examples. These rainbow coloured trees may look painted, but the artist isn’t human, it’s nature itself!

Found in Maui, the second largest island in Hawaii, these coloured trees are called Eucalyptus deglupta. They’re also known as the Rainbow Gum Tree and can grow upto 200 feet in height.

These colours are not a work of magic. The shedding of the bark coupled with the changing seasons reveal the newer green part. The mature section then changes to show blue, purple, orange and maroon tones as the year progresses.

These trees can be a little hard to spot in the dense forests and therefore, we suggest you take a local guide along on your little adventure.

Maui is also famous for their world renowned beaches and views of migrating humpback whales. Be sure to make your trip a memorable one!