All beer-O-holics in town! Get ready to party as the most awaited day is here

There are mainly two types of people, those who love beer and those who can’t live without it 😉

Today is a big day for all the beer lovers, as they get to celebrate their love. Yes! You guessed it right… it is  International Beer Day today, which is celebrated every year on first Friday of August. This day celebrates the art of brewing beer and encouraging people to try out new flavours.

Here is how you can celebrate this fantastic day —

1- Gather with friends, drink beer and celebrate

Beer goes best with buddies! So, for a complete celebration, plan an outing to your favourite pub or invite them over to your place.

2- Plan an outing

Visiting new places is always an experience to cherish. So, head out to a new place with your gang and get the most out of the day.

3- Take a brewery tour and find the nearest IBD Celebration

Explore different breweries and spend time learning the science of beer making. Also, inquire about the nearest International Beer Day events planned in your city. Call your local pubs and ensure a visit!


4-  Try beers from different cultures

Beer lovers are all across the globe and it is always great to explore amazing new flavours. Don’t forget to try something new on this International Beer Day!

5- Be thankful to your SUPPLIERS

Let your bartender, brewer and friend, who always shows up with beer, know that you appreciate them. Write a note, leave a tip or simply say thanks 🙂

So, Keep Calm and Brew the Day Away!!