Dubai Unveils World’s Largest Picture Frame.. And Boy, Are We Excited!

Smashing into this week’s top stories, Dubai once again stole the limelight with its record-breaking magnificent structure- “The Dubai Frame”. A town flinging with snazzy and chart-buster landmarks like the tallest skyscraper (Burj Khalifa), longest driverless metro and the largest shopping mall, Dubai whammed its scorecard by adding the World’s Largest Picture Frame. Rising 150 meters above Zabeel Park, the stunning frame is sheathed with whirling golden motifs which glimmer in the desert sunshine. And the good news is, that it is now open for visitors, nearly a decade after it was first proposed. Here are a few quick titbits you need to know about this sensational invention. Read on…


1) The soaring structure has a 305-foot (93-meter) glass bottom walkway for visitors to take a stroll on. It also offers an all-embracing panorama of the city, including the view of the iconic Burj Khalifa. WOW, that is one extraordinary view!


2) It is deliberated as an Eiffel Tower-esque masterpiece to personify the city.

3) The Dubai Frame comprises of two angular towers linked by a sky bridge and attired in gold leaf.


4) Fernando Donis, born in Mexico submitted the idea for this frame at an architecture contest held in 2009. This brainchild was a rehash of one of his previous designs: a behemoth frame installed for the 2010 Olympics in London.


5) Bestowed as a landmark, it is positioned to sprawl the ‘old’ and ‘new’ Dubai. From one side, the structure frames Dubai’s ultra-modern skyline (Sheikh Zayed Road) and from the other side, it mounts the older quarters (city of Deira).


6) The entry fee is 50 Dirhams (approx. $14) that comes with a mesmerising display of emirate’s history along with an elevator ride to the 93-metre long viewing gallery at the top.


7) The entry to this attraction is via an “enticing” gallery of scents, projections and mist effects which highlights the history of the city. The exit is through a neon-lit “vortex tunnel” which transports visitors to an interactive, augmented reality exhibition on the future of Dubai. The objective of such a design is to generate a mirage of time travel through a crooked vortex, arriving into the city which is 50 years ahead of time.