5 Travel Resolutions We All Must Make in 2020

That time of the year has arrived when we shed all our hopelessness and embrace the inner positivity to bring about a change in our lives. Every new year imparts us a zeal to push the envelope and explore the unexplored.

Entering into a new decade, below are the 5 most important travel resolutions you must make to bring the best out of 2020:

1. Start Saving for Travel

Are you amongst the ones who make travel plans at the last minute? If yes, then saving some amount every month will be of great help. From booking your favourite hotel to buying souvenirs for your loved ones, saving money always comes handy.

2. Take that Long-awaited Solo Trip

Want to discover a new facet of your personality? Then you must take a solo trip to the place you always wanted to explore. Take some days off, get out of your comfort zone and reconnect with yourself.

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3. Travel Responsibly!

Make sure your visit doesn’t harm the environment and ecosystem of the place. Try to opt for eco-friendly alternatives, be it public transport, hotels or as simple as cleanliness of the locales.

4. Go Local!

If you want to experience the real flavour of any destination, then there’s no other way than going local. Book a homestay, try cooking local food, explore places on foot, understand the pulse of the city, buy local crafts and much more!

5. Keep the Overpacking at Bay!

The smartly you pack, the conveniently you travel. These are undoubtedly THE words for a hassle-free and comfortable journey. You must plan the trip beforehand and pack the required things accordingly. Pick your shoes, clothes, travel essentials, etc. intelligently and have a trip of your lifetime.

Happy Travels! 🙂