Mission Travel! Types of toxic friends you need to break-up with

Let me guess, the title of this story has surely tingled your brain cells! And I exactly know why! We all are surrounded by one or more toxic friends in our life who have spoiled our travel plans at least once. And you are simply here to find out whether your mate has made it up to this list. Gotcha!

Well, don’t feel bad my friend, it is time you cleanse your life and re-evaluate some of your friendships.

Do it, and I’m not lying — you will feel amazing 😉

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That miserable ‘miser’ friend  (bhai, paise baad mein dedunga)

miserLazy Bum (sone do yaar, chutti pe aaye hain)

sleepGossip Queen/King (pata hai usne kya kiya?)


Cancels plans everytime (yaar bhai, ho nae paaega, papa ne mana kar diya)


Who cannot hold their alcohol (aaj tera bhai peeyega)


Stung by PDA or are always on phone (Jaanu, tumne khana khaya?)


Who always need a photographer or are selfie obsessed (selfie maine le li aaj)


So, who are you breaking up with? #okbye