6 tips to make your long flights more comfortable

Whether you love long flights or not, you have to board one to get to the far-flung destinations of the world. Long hours in a stuffy aircraft might sound like a nightmare to you, but with a little preparation you can turn this nightmare into a beautiful memory. To enjoy a relaxing and comfortable journey, arm yourself with things that can help you pass your time or get you some sound sleep.

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Here are the 6 things you must do to survive a long flight —

Load up your devices

Before boarding your flight, ensure that your phone or tablet is loaded up with movies, television shows, music or whatever entertains you the most.


Pack a pillow

A travel pillow is a very important thing that will help you through a long flight. It helps you enjoy a comfortable sleep and save your neck from any jerks or turbulences. Also, some of the airlines don’t provide blankets, so confirm this with the airlines and take your own.


Earplugs are a must

Pain in the ears caused due to the air-pressure can be really annoying. One of the most efficient ways to avoid this pain is by using earplugs to restrict airflow in your ear drums. Also, it lets you enjoy a good night’s sleep. If incase you forget them, ask the flight attendant to give you an extra pair.


Choose your seat wisely

If you wish to spend your time in the flight sleeping, never take an aisle seat. Take a seat next to the window so that you have something to lean against. But if you are among those who can’t sleep, take an aisle seat, so that you can get up and stretch or use the washroom easily.


Noise-cancellation headphones are a blessing

From screaming babies to people speaking loudly, there can be a lot of disturbing factors in a long flight. In such cases, pop on your noise-cancellation headphones and play an audio book or soft music to help you sleep, drowning out the noise.


Keep antibacterial wipes handy

Though airplanes look clean but there are chances that your seat hasn’t been cleaned in a surprisingly long time. Make sure that you carry antibacterial wipes to clean your seat belt, tray and armrest.

I am sure your long flights will become bearable if you follow these simple tips 🙂 Happy Travels!

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