7 Travel Experiences that are Cheaper than an iPhone 11 Pro!

Apple is back again with its shiny new toy — iPhone 11! With a number of variants, the smartphone is likely to cost a whopping Rs. 99,900. Phew!

If you are planning to pocket the new iPhone, maybe it’s time to reconsider and take a vacation instead.

While you dwell over this no-brainer, here are 7 extraordinary travel experiences that will cost you less than an iPhone 11 pro. Believe it or not, it’s true! Read on…

1. Hitchhike across Thailand

A beautiful country with phenomenal beaches, adrenaline-pumping activities, an insane nightlife and much more, Thailand has it all. Just strap on that backpack and let the adventure begin.


Flight cost: Return fare for Thailand starting @Rs.15,000

Suggested Duration: 5 – 7 days

Trip Cost: Rs.40,000-Rs.55,000

2. Experience the beauty of Northern Lights

With the internet going gaga over the beautiful pictures of Northern lights, we are sure no one wants to miss a chance to experience its glory. It’s a phenomenon like no other and is magical in every sense.

northern lights

Flight Cost: Return fare for Oslo starting @Rs. 40,000

Suggested Duration: 3-5 days

Trip Cost: Rs.90,000-Rs.1 Lakh

3. Explore the beauty of Taiwan

A mystical land, Taiwan is famous for its modern cities, oriental culture and an adventurous soul. If you are up for a vacation full of art, traditions and night markets, then it’s time to explore this delightful country.

Flight cost: Return fare for Taiwan starting @Rs.30,000 

Suggested Duration: 5-6 days

Trip Cost: Rs.60,000- Rs.80,000

4. Take a 5-star cruise along River Nile

Cruise along the luxurious decks of a 5-star cruise liner over the River Nile. Dreamy, isn’t it? The cruise will take you from the Egyptian capital to the best of temples, tombs and world-famous pyramids. WOW!

river nile

Flight cost: Return fare for Egypt starting @Rs.30,000

Suggested Duration: 3-5 days

Trip Cost: Rs.65,000- Rs.80,000

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5. Ride a Glass Train through the Swiss Alps

There is nothing like a Swiss rail experience! Giving you an entry into the world of story books with lush green mountains, beautiful cottages, crystal clear lakes and the gorgeous snow-capped Alps, Swiss rail is actually dreamy.


Flight cost: Return fare for Switzerland starting @Rs.39,000 

Suggested Duration: 3-5 days

Trip Cost: Rs.75,000- Rs.90,000

6.  Plan a romantic getaway to Seychelles

Slowly emerging as the hottest honeymoon destination, Seychelles is known for its unworldly beauty and colossal luxury. If you wish to experience a fairytale while starting a new life together, this destination is just ideal.


Flight cost: Return fare for Seychelles starting @Rs.40,000 

Suggested Duration: 5-6 days

Trip Cost: Rs.70,000 – Rs.90,000

7. Consider a relaxing trip to Turkey

Exquisite, ideal and fascinating, Turkey sets for an ideal location for people who love to explore. This gorgeous place has it all- turquoise blue waters, vibrant bazaars, astonishing historic sites and phenomenal landscapes.


Flight cost: Return fare for Turkey starting @Rs.38,000

Suggested Duration: 6-7 days

Trip Cost: Rs.65,000- Rs.80,000

The joy of buying an iPhone vs exploring a new country for happy memories and great experiences….which one will you choose?