Air India Web Check-In

India’s oldest carrier, Air India has been the national favourite for decades now. In addition to a lot of great facilities, Air India also offers the web check-in option to its passengers. The feature is accessible for flyers of all classes travelling with Air India. It’s available from 48 hours to one hour prior to the departure of the flight. 

For more information, you can visit Air India’s website.

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How can I do Air India web check-in? 

A. To do web check-in for your Air India flight, follow these steps: 

  • Go to the Web Check-In page on the Air India website. 
  • Input your e-Ticket Number or your Booking Reference Number or your Frequent Flyer Card Number. 
  • Select the seat of your choice and add any other amenities that you require. 
  • Agree to the T&Cs and submit supplementary information, and the Web Check-In process will be complete. 

What is Web Check-In?

Thanks to the internet and technology, flyers can avail the feature of Web Check-In and save time as well as hassle. This feature allows passengers to select a seat of their choice and download the boarding pass on their devices in the comfort of their homes. This means that unless you have check-in luggage, you can directly head to the security gates at the airport and don’t have to wait in the airline counters’ queues to check-in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I do the web check-in for Air India? 

The Air India web check-in feature is open for flyers on domestic flights from 14 days to one hour prior to their flight’s scheduled departure. For international flights, the facility closes two hours before the scheduled departure. 

2. How many passengers’ web check-in can be completed simultaneously in Air India? 

The Air India web check-in feature allows a maximum of nine passengers to be checked-in in one go. 

3. Can passengers in all categories use the web check-in option?

No, certain passengers have to check-in at the airport counter. These include unaccompanied minors and passengers in need of special assistance. 

4. Do I need to create an account or register myself on the Air India website to complete the web check-in? 

No, a passenger need not register themselves on the Air India website to complete the web check-in. They only need to submit the e-ticket number or booking reference number to avail this service. For a hassle-free experience, flyers can also web check-in with ixigo.