Around The World In 30 Dishes

If you’re a foodie on a world trip and need a handy guide for the best of world cuisine, this one is for you. Picking out the 30 most famous and loved dishes from around the world, this is a foodies’ world guide. Aptly titled, Around the World in 30 Dishes.


1) Turkey’s Baklava

Layered sweet pastry filled with nuts, usually baked with honey and dressed in butter.


2) France’s Baguette

Delicious crusty bread, usually served with melted cheese.


3) Crepes from Brittany, France

Some of the thinnest pancakes, crepes are usually taken with cider.


4) Spain’s Paella

Stew made, mostly, of rice. Spaniards call it their national dish. Has three variations – Valencia Paella, Seafood Paella and Mixed Paella.


5) Germany’s Knödel

Soft, delicious dumplings made of either mashed potatoes or bread. More popular in North Germany. Comes with a choice of fillings.


6) Greece’s Moussaka

Sauteed eggplant and tomato, usually taken with minced meat. One of the most loved dishes of Greece. 


7) Japan’s Sushi

Japan’s favourite, food world’s great love, Sushi is fresh, generally raw seafood and rice. 


8) Italy’s Fresh Cheese Pasta

It’s always a tough choice between pizza and pasta. More so, when you’re in Italy. So let’s leave pizza for Venice and pick platters full of Pasta here.


9) And Italy’s Ricotta Salata

Italy’s best cheese, but arguably so. Arguably as it competes with mozzarella, asiago and parmesan. 


10) Vietnam’s Canh cho

Vietnamese cuisine is about broth, meat, veggies, and rice vermicelli. The soup is wholesome and full of flavours.


11) Ireland’s Potato Scones & Potato Pancakes

Potatoes are one great love of the Irish folk. So much so that they even made heavenly delicious pancakes and scones out of potatoes. Best taken with any of the farmhouse cheeses of Ireland. 


12) Ireland’s Traditional Stew

Ireland’s national dish for two centuries now! It even has poetry written for it, sample this – “Then hurrah for an Irish Stew, That will stick to your belly like glue.”


13) India’s Golgappe

Ahhh.. golgappes are one of the most loved street food options of India. Damn but alluringly spicy, these will either make you fall in love or hate them forever!


14) India’s mithai

Desserts, desserts everywhere – this is precisely what comes to my mind of when I write of the huge variety of mithai/sweets of India.


15) China’s Dim sums 

Cantonese food is known for its delicious dim sums  cooked in a bamboo steamer with a filling of vegetables or meat inside.


16) Morocco’s Tajine

Tajine, Morocco’s national dish, is lamb or poultry stew that has a very distinct flavour which comes from ingredients like saffron, prunes, almonds, lemons and other vegetables.


17) Pakistan’s Shahi Tukra

Ahh.. Shahi Tukra, or what people also call as Bread Pudding, is the heavenly mix of bread pieces dipped in saffron, almonds, pistachios, sugar or honey syrup and cardamoms.


18) Brazil’s Feijoada

This delicious black beans stew, mixed with pork, is Brazil’s most famous culinary delight. Best taken with rice, orange salad, ground manioc and kale.


19) Switzerland’s Fondue

Foodies’ one great love and Switzerland’s signature dish, Fondue is melted cheese taken with bread pieces. Sheer bliss.


20) Hungary’s Palacsinta

Quite similar to French crepes, Palacsinta are Hungary’s famous pancakes. Palacsinta is usually rolled with apricots, plum jam and strawberries.


21) Guatemala’s Tortilla

Delightfully thin, tortillas are pancakes made out of corn, usually served hot and come wrapped in cloth!


22) Indonesia’s Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng, or Indonesian Fried Rice, is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia. More so, for rice is the staple diet here, often finding its way into the ingredient list for beverages as well!


23) Iran’s Kebabs

Cubes of meat skewered and served with a variety of sauces, Kebabs were Turks’ gift to Iran. This dish hasn’t climbed down the foodies’ list since then.


24) Iran’s Chai

Nobody expected the humble Chai to topple the strong Iranian coffee from the position of country’s most loved beverage. But it did. One sip and you would know why!


25) Slovenia’s Sarkelj 

Sarkelj is the most widely eaten cake, made out of raisins, that Slovenes eat for Christmas celebrations. Comes in different flavours too!

Photo Courtesy – pancuisine.blogspot


26) Austria’s Apple Strudel

Strudel pastry jacket filled with grated apples, sugar, cinnamon, raisins, bread crumbs and nuts. Heavenly.


27) Austria’s Wiener Schnitzel

Made from veal, Wiener Schnitzel is deep fried and thinned. Usually taken with bread. Also Austria’s national dish!


28) England’s High Tea

A definitely English concept, High Tea is more of a ritual rather than a dish. Other than the tea, you’ll generally find cucumber sandwiches, scones, tea cakes and some yum spreads to go with the sandwiches.


29) Latin America’s Salsa Cruda

Latin Americans are in love with salsa, the spicy dish I mean. And if you can hold your tongue (quite literally), Salsa Cruda deserves a sure trial.


30) Peru’s Picarones

Peru’s much famous deep-fried pastries, Picarones are made out of pumpkin dough and laced with maple syrup. Must, in case, you found the Salsa Cruda too spicy!


Have you also been to a place and fallen in love with its food? If yes, then let us know by leaving a comment below. Would love to know of your food trip. And yes, don’t forget to try some of these on your next trip, for these are world’s most famous food items ever. 

Till then, happy travelling.