Build a ‘Culture of Peace’ through Travel…#internationaldayofpeace

“We all smile in the same language, travel is the language of peace.”

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world and has a remarkable influence on many societies. Other than its impact in economic terms, it is believed that tourism brings about peace or in some way reduces the possibility of conflict.

How travel and peace are connected?

For a long period, an increase in worldwide interconnectedness has been correlated with the formation of a more peaceful world. The logic behind this, as presented, is that the more we connect with each other, the more we care and less we’ll do to harm or hurt each other.

Read further and understand how one can build peace by providing meaningful travel experiences.

Immerse Yourself in the Culture

Travelling and understanding the culture of a particular place lets you have a positive approach on the differences and diversity. Engage in meaningful interactions with the locals and understand how people are different from you through a new lens.

Ask about their passions, what they care about, what issues they face and eventually explore solutions to similar issues.


Support the Locals

Cultivate and maintain peace by supporting the locals. Next time you are on a vacation, ditch spending thousands at a hotel chain and support the small businesses. Choose to stay at independently owned hotels or homestays, eat at local restaurants, buy souvenirs directly from the craftsman, etc.

Volunteer with a Local Organization

Volunteering lets you connect with a community and make a positive impact. For example, choose to teach English in deprived areas or be a part of a wildlife conservation.


Give Back

There are a lot of opportunities to be charitable around the world. This little step will not only cultivate peace but will also build relationships, profit the less fortunate and help you gain a better or different perspective.

The relationship between travel and peace isn’t a perfectly straight line but we as travellers have great potential for creating good in the world. So, end the conflicts…travel for peace! 🙂