Capturing the Beauty of Indian Train Journeys Through the Window Seat

We all agree that there is something alluring about train journeys in India. A feeling of nostalgia and excitement envelopes as soon as we embark on a train journey and grab that much loved window seat. From admiring diverse landscapes to peeking into a stranger’s life, there is so much to see and do on Indian trains.

The following pictures will give you a glimpse of India from a window seat —

Image: Nilgiri Mountain Railway passing through a Tunnel

Image: View of the train from Kochi to Alleppey


Image: View from a train near Goa


Image: Tropical landscape near Kanyakumari, India.
Image: View of Pamban bridge in Rameshwaram

Image: Toy train from Shimla to Kalka

So, wait no more and embark on one of these scenic journeys.