Changing Trends In Travel

Remember those days when it was completely normal to stand in a queue for booking tickets, carry huge aluminum trunks while travelling, buy camera reels to click photos and to contact travel agents to book tickets. It all sounds funny now and brings a feeling of nostalgia to us. So stop what you are doing now and embark on a journey with us as we take you on a trip to let you know the changing trends in travel.


Internet saves the day!

Coming back home now is less dramatic:

Try recollecting those days when we used to come home after month long holidays with bag full of gifts for our loved ones. Or the excitement we had meeting family and friends after long and then showing pictures and sharing experiences, but thanks to technology those days are long gone it isn’t there anymore. Some things shouldn’t have changed. Sigh!

Travel blogging:

Travel bloggers are taking over the internet. You will feel so much connected when you read through a website and learn about their experiences. So before planning a trip don’t forget to read ixigo blogs.

Booking a hotel or flight/train ticket:

Yes we all remember the pain when booking a hotel or tickets was nothing but a nightmare. But now everything is just a click away. Simply put your dates on a travel search portal and bingo! Choose according to your budget and book a room or tickets instantly.


Leaning the local language:

Learning a new language now is just a click away, at least the basic of the language. But earlier while travelling to a new place we used to carry language books to have a conversation with the localites.

Ticketless travel:

Yes I guess this is the best thing technology has given us. Now we travel without the fear of carrying printed tickets with us be it for flights or trains. Until we actually forget to bring our phone!

Everything on the cloud:

Golden days are here! Decades ago everyone carried all the important necessities with them for travelling be it tickets, traveler’s cheques, books or camera. But now everything is stored in the cloud. From your favorite book to your favorite songs and even movies– the versatile smartphone is here!


Earlier we used to depend only on our friends’ or relatives’ experiences about places, hotels and restaurants. But now things have changed, before planning a trip to any place or restaurant we go through the reviews of the place and then decide. Even images of the place play a vital role in deciding where to go and where not to.


No more travel agents

Gone are those days when we used to book tickets or plan a trip according to a travel agent. Now planning a trip is nothing but a DIY (Do It Yourself). Now we can plan our own itinerary without spending money or our time in a travel agency.

Low cost airlines

Hard to believe? But it’s a fact, earlier it was kind of impossible for middle class families to travel in flights. But with time the situation has changed. With so many airlines and offers in store for us,anyone can fly!

Travel the world for free

Who doesn’t like travelling? There is hardly anyone who will say they will rather sit at home than travel and explore a new place. And with time there are various ways to support your urge for travelling. So earn while you travel and explore yourself in the way. And there are even several career options to support your dream!


Offbeat destinations

Nowadays everyone likes exploring offbeat destinations, gone are those days where people only use to visit the main attracting cities. You don’t believe us? Why not try exploring the offbeat destinations of India and decide for yourself?

Sending or receiving telegrams

We know some of you may not have seen what a telegram actually looks like. India sent its last telegram two years ago. It was a way of sending and receiving messages for ages. Though instant messages have taken over, receiving a telegram had it’s own charm. Agree?

Road trips have increased

Main nikla gaddi leke”–remember this song? Well even Bollywood has songs which make us wonder how much road trips have taken over everything else. To have the best road trip in India all you need to do is pack your bags, gather some friends, take your car and hit the roads.


Apps have taken over

Remember the time when we used to ask random people for washrooms while travelling or asking localities for restaurant/hotels? But now everything is just a click away by downloading the app. For example to search for a public toilet try the loo finder app.

Travel related movies

Movies nowadays are shot in the most romantic locations to inspire everyone to travel. Remember Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara?

No cash but plastic money

What was your first concern when you landed in a different country? Cash, right? But now all it takes is your debit or credit cards or any ATM to take out local cash. Travelling made easy!


International travel made easy

With many countries offering visa-free entry, travelling abroad is now a very easy job. So what are you waiting for? Try visiting the places where it’s visa free travelling from India.

Amenities have gone up at station/airports

From having “kulhar” ki chai at  the railway stations, we now prefer having Nescafe Coffee. With the increase in demand, the amenities at  the railway stations and airports have increased widely.

Adventure tourism

After working a 9-6 shift everyday, all of us need a rocking weekend. To get some adrenaline pumping, adventure sports are getting a hike these days.


So, if you are convinced that travelling is much more easier now, pack your bags, start the trip and head out.
Live, Love, Travel, Repeat !!!

About the Author:

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