Confessions Of A Backpacker- Best Hostels In India

We all love travelling, even if it is to the point of madness. Some claim that if travelling was free, you wouldn’t see them or they just wouldn’t stay in one place. One of the major concerns of a traveller is the price that they pay for staying.

We all have fallen prey to dubious advertising at least once in our life and the result was exceedingly expensive and excruciatingly painful. A traveller always sees his money as a destination; amount saved in one trip can fuel the next one and thus every penny counts.

Backpacker’s hostel is an alien concept in India and having said so, it is no surprise that it is growing at a very slow pace. But what I will tell you next will fix your mind on these hostels forever. These unique hostels are not just safe and pocket-friendly, but also connect you with like-minded people and are a lot more fun. Here’s a list of such hostels in India that will blow your mind.

  1. Zostel, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Agra, Varanasi, Delhi, Goa and Vadodara  Zostel 1
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    Zostel is the kind of place that doesn’t need an introduction. Basically, a people’s place where everything is by the travellers and for the travellers. With Wi-Fi, communal kitchen, TV lounges, gaming sessions, library, laundry facility and private lockers, Zostel is the place where you can do more fun than you’d expect.
    USP: The cult culture.
  2. Moustache Hostel, Delhi and Jaipur Moustache Hostel 2
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    Moustache is located somewhere in the middle of Delhi’s most contemporary areas. Greater Kailash 1 will keep you on the groove and so will this hostel. Here you will get Wi-Fi, a kitchen that smells of mouthwatering food, garden, game room, library, TV lounge, AC and lockers. You’d be flummoxed whether to stay here or travel around!
    USP: Moustache provides a big terrace especially for exclusive yoga sessions!
  3. Vedanta Wake Up, Kerala and Tamil Nadu Vedanta wake up 3
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    Vedanta claims the position of an exemplary hostel when it comes to comfort and quirkiness of a traveller. These guys put in a little extra to ensure that all the guests are having a hallelujah time. Wi-Fi network, computers, TVs, DVD players, books, guitars, board games, and maps are all part of their prized services that will be offered to you with much love.
    USP: If you are obsessed with cleanliness, you will love it here. Addendum to it will be the special escapes.
  4. Stops Hostel, Varanasi, Delhi, Jodhpur and Kolkata Stops Hostel 4
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    If you are someone who is strongly looking forward to building ties with the Indian culture, then this is the place for you. Stops hostel is one of those quirky places that will keep you entangled in its amazing hosting abilities. They celebrate festivals like no one else and if you were here around Holi, you would see that it’s a crazy scene here. Every room opens to a big common hall to proliferate interaction.
    USP: Bollywood nights, Indian cook-fest and local music events are engaging.
  5. Jungle Hostel, Goa Jungle Hostel 5
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    Goa is that one place in India where you’d care less about the place you are staying in and more about where you are heading to. However, if you are staying here at Jungle, you’d be as excited about it like any other happening place in Goa. Located amidst the wilderness near Vagator Beach, this place provides a friendly and amazing environment to stay. The astounding interiors are a cherry on the top.
    USP: Jamming sessions in the evening.
  6. Smyle Inn, Delhi Smylee inn 6
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    This is a perfect place to be tagged as a hostel as it suffices the needs of a basic traveller. Located at a short walking distance from New Delhi railway station, this den will facilitate you with everything that calls for a blissful stay. A variety of board games, book exchange corner and internet facility for all the travellers- Smyle Inn is adorable. The place is demarcated into two parts–wing 1 for standard rooms and wing 2 for superior rooms. One also gets pick and drop facility.
    USP: Complimentary breakfast is the main highlight.
  7. International Travellers’ Hostel, Varanasi ITH 7
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    Travelling and search for eateries go hand in hand–there’s no doubt in that. At International Travellers’, every such need is taken care of. Fast Wi-Fi–check, free breakfast–check, lockers–check, washing machine–check, power backup–check, desktop–check; what else do you need? Amidst everything, the rooms are available for INR 440. Now are you just happy or plain elated?
    USP: In-house bistro!
  8. Red Door Hostel, Goa Red door hostel 8
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    For the love of God, travel and everything under this great blue sky–we all know Goa is a place that has something for everyone. All you need is a chilled beer, couple of snacks, great music and you’re done here. Very close to Anjuna Beach, Red Door is the place to be if you love nature and the traditional Goan style architecture. Communal kitchen, a huge terrace, lounge and an eco-friendly environment.
    USP: A garden full of hammocks.
  9. Jugaadus Eco Hostel, Amritsar Jugaadus 9
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    This will surely keep you away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, but not from worldly comforts. What Jugaadus does is a quirky way of living a travellers life. Closely knitted with the Punjabi culture, Jugaadus is also the place where you should look forward to their wall art done by artists and travellers. For bridging communication within the premises, the Wi-Fi doesn’t work between 5 PM and 7 PM, however, it works on guest computers for emergencies. These services will cost only INR 400 per person. Isn’t that amazing?
    USP: A well-travelled host for your travel gyan.
  10. Prison Hostel, Goa Prision Hostel 10
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    If cheap beer, house parties, free breakfast and an outlandish yet amusing environment doesn’t convince you enough for paying a visit here, I am not sure what else will. This place is an exact replica of a prison from the outside and inside, which will shackle you with absolute fun, madness and quell to your worries. This place is very close to the very renowned Anjuna Beach.
    USP: Interesting mugshots of every guest.
  11. InnDia Hostel, Amritsar Inndia 11
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    Not even a year old in the line, InnDia has definitely made its mark in the niche. Travellers often recognize this as a place where you can start watching movies with strangers and end up as great friends. Services like internet connection, library, games, kitchen, laundry are the least of what this place has to offer.
    USP: The delight lies in the food that they serve!
  12. Youth Hostels Association of India, Multiple locations YHAI 11
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    This is probably India’s largest chain of hostels, directed at the youth. If you become a member, you can stay here at complimentary rates, whereas non-members have to pay a supplement. They follow stringent hygiene rules and offer outstanding services. They also maintain a chain of adventure activities and innumerable fun activities for their members.
    USP: The omnipresent and huge connectivity for hostellers.
  13. The Madpackers Hostel, Delhi MAdpackers 13
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    The location of this hostel is the highlight of its beauty since it is just walking distance from Hauz Khas Village and the nearby metro station. Visitors will surely have a splendid experience while staying here. They often stay a party to food trails, art on the wall exercises, bonfire, tiny chit-chat sessions in the common area and a lot more.
    USP: Celebration of Indian festivals.
  14. Crashpad Hostotel: Jaipur and JodhpurCrashpad Jaipur 14
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    All your imagination will go for a toss when you encounter the bohemian design of this hostel-cum-hotel. Crashpad has been solely designed for people who love to explore the colors of life. Other than a private terrace, guests here get a fair encounter of the life in different cities of Rajasthan. They also keep you updated about the latest events happening in and around the vicinity. The fun just doesn’t end here. After all, INR 349 per head is pretty cheap for all these services, isn’t it?
    USP: Theme baseD rooms.
  15. Le Pension, JaipurLE pension 15
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    The hostels itself in India are an alien concept as of now and Le Pension is one step ahead of that. The concept of bed and breakfast will never be same for you. Big air conditioned rooms with comfortable bunk beds stimulates your travel spree–this is exactly what they do. Plus, here you have a great opportunity for meeting new people. They call themselves as backpackers paradise and there’s no doubt in that.
    USP: Trip assistance.
  16. Wanderers Hostel, GoaWanderers hostel goa 16
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    Beach side location, Goan architecture and close’ness to nature, Wanderers hostel comes with some veritable perks. As for wanderers, this place really is heaven in regard with the location, which is walking distance from the secluded Olive Ridley turtle beach in Morjim. The modern facilities include a pool table, rustic antique style interiors, tents in the garden etc.
    USP: Private tents for extra fun!
  17. By The Way, Cherrapunjee By the way 17
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    One of the most affordable services for backpackers across the country, just INR 250 per head, per night, By The Way is a people’s place. The hosts here will guide and facilitate you with the needed information. They will give you hand-written maps, details of taxis and other services that one might require. The owner of the place is your man! You will totally love the experience here.
    USP: Personal touch in everything that you do.
  18. Swades Guest House, Pondicherry Swadesh
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    From what we have heard from the people, this place win hearts more than anything. Anything that you ask for will be at your service. From Wi-Fi to doctor, from cycle to board games–Swades has figured it out.
    USP: Unwavering hospitality and yoga sessions will do the talking.

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Shewali loves to cook. She is mostly travelling; if not blabbering or gorging. That’s all folks!