Coronavirus Pandemic: How to stay safe while travelling by car?

As COVID-19 continues to infect people across the world, it’s important we all play our part in reducing its spread. The advice for how to stay safe is to simply stay home. But what if we have to go somewhere by car?

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Here are a few necessary steps that one should take to disinfect a car:

> Ideally wait 72 hours after using a car, this step will likely reduce the amount of particles living on surfaces.
> Clean the steering wheel and gear on a regular basis.
> Vacuum your car regularly
> Take extra time to clean the handles of the door, both inside and out
> Clean the dashboard as the virus is believed to stay on plastic longer than most other surfaces.
> Wipe the music/radio system
> Disinfect the seats as well, and don’t forget to clean the area where things like groceries are kept
> Don’t forget to sanitize the car keys

Note: Use disposable gloves while cleaning the car to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Also, please limit your trips and step out only if it is NECESSARY.