Coronavirus Update: Government Issues New Guidelines For Patients

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has shared revised guidelines for the discharge of coronavirus patients. The new policy includes the categorisation of patients based on clinical severity.

Here is everything you need to know: 

For patients with mild/very mild/ pre-symptomatic cases:

  • Patients under the above category will undergo normal temperature and pulse monitoring.
  • The patient can be discharged after 10 days of symptom onset and if there is no fever for 3 days. 
  • There will be no need for testing before discharge. 
  • The patients will be advised to follow home isolation for the next 7 days.

For moderate cases admitted to dedicated COVID-19 health centre: 

  • Those patients whose symptoms settle within 3 days and they maintain oxygen saturation above 95% for the next 4 days will be discharged after 10 days of symptom onset with no testing before discharge. 
  • Those patients undergoing oxygenation whose fever does not settle within 3 days and the need for oxygen therapy continues will be discharged after the clinical symptoms are resolved, and if they can maintain oxygen saturation for 3 consecutive days. 

For severe cases including immunocompromised: 

  • For patients under this category, discharge criteria will be based on clinical recovery. After the resolution of symptoms, the patient has to be tested negative once by RT-PCR testing kit.