Coronavirus Update: Indian Railways Is Taking Steps To Maintain Food Hygiene On Trains

With the rising number of COVID-19 cases in India, Indian Railways is taking measures to contain the spread of the disease. 

The Railway Ministery is now implementing preventive measures on the catering units of the Indian Railways.

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Some of the essential steps are: 

  • Staff members with symptoms such as cough, fever, running nose cannot be deployed in the process of food handling. 
  • The catering staff is directed to wear protective gear such as hand gloves, headgear and masks while looking at food production.
  • The railway staff is to maintain personal hygiene by changing their gloves frequently and dispose of the same in closed dustbins. 
  • The employees involved in food production and catering are to wash their uniforms regularly and wear clean ones while on duty. 
  • All the catering establishments are directed to maintain proper cleanliness by using a disinfectant on frequently touched objects/surfaces such as door handles, coffee machines, billing machine, countertop, among others. 
  • Provision of sanitizers and hand soaps is already done in all catering units. 
  • There is a strict prohibition on the entry of outsiders or any unauthorised person in food dealing areas. 
  • The catering staff has to ensure proper packaging and storage of food items.

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