Ditch the Car, Go for a Cycle Ride and Explore these Places on Your Next Trip!

How about trying something different on your next trip to these destinations? We suggest you to ditch your usual mode of transport and take up the cycle tours to soak up the local flavours to the hilt. These tours offer a unique experience of the beautiful places listed here. Come, take a ride:

Munnar Cycle Tours

One of the many gems of Kerala, the picturesque Munnar offers sweeping views of the sprawling tea plantations and misty mountains, offering a visual treat for everyone! The best and most famous cycle trail in Munnar is at Mattupetty, which takes you through an endless stretch lined with the lush tea plantations and green landscape.


Sikkim Cycle Tours

Blessed with unmatched scenic beauty and serene monasteries, Sikkim makes for one of the best cycling spots in the country. There is a lot to be explored when you hop onto a cycle tour here- visit the local farms to learn the art of organic farming, take a selfie at the lush plantations, make a trip to the monasteries or just revel in the picturesque beauty of nature at Sikkim’s forests, lakes and hot springs.


Delhi Cycle Tours

Delhi proudly boasts of umpteen scenic roads which are just perfect for cycling, especially in the early hours of morning. Check out areas like Civil Lines, North Campus, Lodhi Road, the Embassy area and the lush, green Ridge Road- all these places will be your best bets for short cycling tours.


However, for the real Old Delhi experience, take a cycle ride through the bustling lanes of Chandni Chowk and absorb the many interesting sights, colours and fragrances along the way. One of the most famous local operators for such tours is Delhi By Cycle, which conducts cycle tours across the city.

Pondicherry Cycle Tour

The French Quarter with its colonial architecture, the famous Promenade and wide open streets is a delight to explore on a bicycle. You can take a tour for areas like Goubert Avenue, Rue Rolland and especially the Promenade stretch, which looks all the more beautiful during evening hours. The entire stretch is a delight for people who love to take a cycle ride or go for a leisure stroll with sea by their side.


Coorg Cycle Tours

If you love cycling and forests, then this one is for you! The dreamy and scenic landscape of this coffee county offers an unforgettable experience through its famous spice plantations, interesting forest trails and craggy mountain roads. Make your way through the dense coffee plantations to soak up the Coorg flavour to the fullest.


These were some of our picks for cycling tours in India. So, get packing and be ready for a new adventure as you take off the tourist tracks this time!